Who Knows What's Going On Inside WWE Star Baron Corbin's Smoker?

WWE superstar Baron Corbin, the Ratings King of Friday Nights, has taken to Twitter to give fans another sneak peek at what he's cooking this weekend. King Corbin posted a video of his Big Green Egg smoker grill, but what exactly is inside the smoker is a mystery to be revealed at a later date. "Who can guess what's on the smoker tonight?" Corbin coyly asked, giving no clues as to what tasty smoked meat will emerge when Corbin's personal barbecue is over.

Grilling meat on Memorial Day weekend is an American tradition, but Corbin uses his Big Green Egg regularly. Last week, the King took to Twiter to post photos of chicken wings he was cooking in the smoker. However, despite Corbin's proven dominance when it comes to drawing viewers to WWE Friday Night Smackdown and Monday Night Raw, Corbin's fellow wrestlers don't give him the respect he deserves when it comes to responding to his food-based social media posts.

Baron Corbin is the Ratings King of Friday Nights
Baron Corbin is the Ratings King of Friday Nights

Corbin's tweets about grilling chicken wings last week were met by a noticeable lack of his fellow wrestlers posting things like "yum" or "looks delicious." For some reason, everyone in the wrestling business practically falls all over themselves to compliment Renee Young's cooking-themed social media posts, but Corbin gets no respect, which explains the chip on his shoulder that drives him to defeat his opponents and consistently draw viewers to WWE's televised wrestling programs.

Regardless of what anybody else thinks, personally, I would love to know what's inside Baron Corbin's smoker tonight. Is it more chicken? Perhaps some thick, juicy sausages? Some other delicious hunk of pork or beef? The possibilities are as limitless as The Chadster's very vivid imagination. Corbin doesn't limit his cooking to outdoor smoking, however. Last night, Corbin cooked a Wagyu steak in the kitchen alongside bacon-wrapped asparagus, showing he truly is a man of many, many talents.

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