Why The Great North & Nick Offerman's Wooden Coasters Work So Well

The other day I received a surprising message on my personal Instagram from the official The Great North account alerting me that I had been one of the fans to win their recent giveaway. The series, along with the voice of Beef Tobin himself, Nick Offerman, put together a wooden coaster set (6 total coasters in the set) that featured a carved-out member of the Tobin Family on each one.

The Great North Gifted Carved Wooden Coasters Of The Tobin Family
Coaster bundle from the Offerman Woodshop. Source: Photo from Brittney Bender

The Great North giveaway has proved to be a true desire to connect with fans in a way that reminds them of the Tobin family as a whole. The most wholesome and special part of the gift is who has been behind the craftsmanship and woodworking, the Offerman Woodshop in East Los Angeles, California.

The Great North Gifted Carved Wooden Coasters Of The Tobin Family
A layout to show the characters carved in the coasters. Source: Photo by Brittney Bender

The Great North used the special skills of one of their own (Offerman) to put together something unique for fans to have the opportunity to win. His woodshop works on a variety of projects from custom work, to furniture, to signs, to even furniture. Photos of the team members involved show a lot of pride and dedication to their work and what they love the most about past projects they've done. This giveaway (which I was lucky enough to win alongside some other fans) is a testament not only to using the gifts of those you're close to but also to how important the small things are when connecting an audience to the atmosphere and aesthetic of a show's setting.

The Great North Gifted Carved Wooden Coasters Of The Tobin Family
The carved label on the back of each coaster. Source: Photo by Brittney Bender

The wood is smooth and shows an extra level of care was taken to ensure that it lasts for a long time. My favorite coaster, if I had to pick a favorite, would be the Honeybee one. Likely that one is a favorite because I simply love her character and the way she has been written over the episodes watched. I don't typically win giveaways, but I'm obviously happy to have won this one and get a little special piece of the series to have at home with me.

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