Woo! Ric Flair is Reportedly a Free Agent After Requesting WWE Release

Is Ric Flair headed to AEW to spend some time with his future son-in-law? The Nature Boy has reportedly requested his release from WWE and it's been granted, according to a report by Fightful Select. Flair has apparently become frustrated with WWE's crappy booking him. Join the club, comrade Flair! Haw haw haw haw!

Ric Flair is on WWE Raw in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic for some reason. (Image: WWE)
Frustrated with storylines where he's been bullied by Randy Orton and by his own daughter while impregnating Lacey Evans, Ric Flair has reportedly requested and been granted his release from WWE.

Greetings, comrades. It is I, your El Presidente, back with yet another pungent rumor swirling around the bowl of the wrestling blogosphere. And for anyone wondering how WWE could top the shock of releasing Bray Wyatt this week, here is your answer. Ric Flair, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer who has seemingly been willing to defend anything WWE does in recent years, including trying to give Ric Flair COVID, has finally had enough. Wrestling Inc. corroborated the report, reporting it at the same time as Fightful.

It's no surprise that Flair would be turned off by recent storylines, which have either seen him impregnating a woman young enough to be his granddaughter, or crying all the time while getting bullied by Randy Orton, or crying while getting bullied by his own daughter in a storyline where she tells him to go away which WWE has done at least three or four times now. And with so many of his old friends currently having fun in AEW, in many ways the spiritual successor of WCW, it also seems like a no-brainer that Flair could show up on Dynamite. There, he'd be in the company of Sting, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and even his daughter's boyfriend, Andrade El Idolo. Flair has no doubt seen the way AEW uses legends compared to WWE, comrades. There's no way he doesn't want a tasted of that glory. Stay tuned, comrades.

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