WWE Raw: 8 Amazing Highlights From Last Night's Episode

WWE Raw aired last night. Watching Raw sucks (even now under the Triple H regime), but thankfully, WWE releases the highlights on YouTube, which is more palatable. And as usual, we've aggregated them with some shallow commentary here on Bleeding Cool. But that's not all… a recent editorial mandate demands that we produce a certain number of listicles, so here are those YouTube highlights and shallow commentary on WWE Raw… in the form of a listicle! SEO gods be praised!

How Nikki Cross got her gimmick back on WWE Raw
How Nikki Cross got her gimmick back on WWE Raw

1. Finn Balor defeats Karl Anderson to kick off WWE Raw

Balor got the win after Rhea Ripley gave Anderson a low blow.

2. R-Truth Defeats The Miz on WWE Raw

With help from Johnny Gargano, R-Truth got a win in his hometown and it had nothing to do with the stupid 24/7 Championship.



3. Damage CTRL Turn WWE Raw into an unsafe working environment

Imagine if this sort of thing happened at your office. Just sayin'. What do these people think this is? The AEW locker room?!

4. Mustafa Ali loses again

Austin Theory beat Mustafa Ali, who is still paying for those anti-WWE comments he made like two years ago. He brawled against Seth Rollins after the match. Which one of these guys is Ali losing to at Crown Jewel?



5. Omos beats jobbers on WWE Raw to prepare for Crown Jewel

Omos and Braun Strowman will do giant battle in Saudi Arabia, and there's not much you need to do to sell that, so Omos just beat some jobbers on Raw last night.

6. Chad Gable does his thing… losing to Elias on WWE Raw

Even with Otis in his corner, Gable couldn't get a win over the recently returned Elias.

7. Baron Corbin defeats Johnny Gargano with help from JBL

Normally, you can tell who's gonna win on WWE Raw because one of the wrestlers recently returned, but this time, both wrestlers returned relatively recently. Corbin's return is fresher though, so he got the win. Also, JBL looks to be his permanent manager, which is a good thing.

8. In the WWE Raw main event, Bayley beats Bianca Belair

Bayley finally got a win over Bianca Belair… in a non-title match. She needed the help of Nikki Cross, having dropped that dumb superhero gimmick. Cross also attacked Bayley after the show because she's just so crazy! That's her new gimmick (her old gimmick).

All in all, not a bad show, especially if you watch it in highlights instead of sitting through it for three hours. It's hard to get excited for matches I don't plan to watch because I don't plan to watch Crown Jewel, so that takes away some of the excitement. Not RAw related, but I hope Logan Paul wins the title there, just to see wrestling fandom completely implode.

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