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Young Justice: Outsiders 'Triptych' – How Far Will Batman Push the Teams? [SPOILER RECAP]

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's recap of this week's trifecta of new episodes of DC Universe's Young Justice: Outsiders, as we take a look at the season's eighth episode, "Triptych". This episode employs non-linear storytelling, but in the interest of recapping exactly what happened when and to who and exactly how, we'll be moving through the story in the order that the events happened.

Star City. September 10, 12:01 PDT

Young Justice: Outsiders 'Triptych' – How Far Will Batman Push the Teams? [SPOILER RECAP]

The Flash and Billy Batson go undercover as transport drivers, moving Brick and another unidentified metahuman to Belle Reve prison. They are attacked by Sportsmanster and Abra Kadabra, who attempt to free the two prisoners. In the ensuing fight, Brick is recaptured and Kadabra apprehended – but Sportsmaster and the scraggly, scruffy-looking metahuman escape.

Gotham City. September 12, 21:39 EDT.

Young Justice: Outsiders 'Triptych' – How Far Will Batman Push the Teams? [SPOILER RECAP]

Since his release from Arkham, Robin and his squad of Spoiler, Arrowette, and Orphan have been keeping an eye on Jervis Tetch, the Mad Hatter. On this particular night, they notice Tetch drinking a lot of water rather quickly. Inspection of a discarded water bottle reveals clay backwash. The squad confronts Tetch, outing him as Clayface posing as Tetch. With a little trickery, the squad convinces Clayface that they know where Tetch is hiding, then follow Clayface to Tetch when Clayface goes to protect him.

At Tetch's hideout, the Mad Hatter injects nanites into an unidentified, clean-shaven metahuman giving Tetch full control of his subject. Clayface leads Robin and his squad to the hideout, where a fight ensues. Tetch and the metahuman escape. Robin gets his team out before the hideout explodes. He tries to convince Clayface to run, but Clayfaces stays and gets blown to bits in the blast. The squad is horrified, but Robin tells them it'll be fine as Clayface's parts pull themselves back together.

Detroit. September 25, 22:56 EDT.

Young Justice: Outsiders 'Triptych' – How Far Will Batman Push the Teams? [SPOILER RECAP]

Mist, Livewire, and Shade infiltrate Star Labs in Detroit. Livewire stuns Dr. Stone and the group attempts to steal a Reach device from the lab. Shade has trouble with the device due to it's size, giving Stone enough time to come around and trigger the alarm. Cheshire assists the team of villains, taking a bullet to the shoulder – but giving Shade time to recover enough to get them all away.

Metropolis. September 25, 23:18 EDT.

Young Justice: Outsiders 'Triptych' – How Far Will Batman Push the Teams? [SPOILER RECAP]

Jeff and Jace are in bed together. Jeff wonders aloud whether walking out on the Justice League right when half of the team quit was the right thing to do. Jace tells Jeff that he must have had a reason for quitting, has anything changed? Jeff says no, that the League isn't what it once was and that he's better off freelancing with Dick and his team than being a part of the League. As Jeff concludes, Dick calls him.

Happy Harbor. September 25, 23:43 EDT.

Young Justice: Outsiders 'Triptych' – How Far Will Batman Push the Teams? [SPOILER RECAP]

Dick has assembled Jeff, Tigress, Halo, Brion, and Forager for a mission. They have located someone who might have intel on the League of Shadows. The problem is that the person in question is Cheshire, and she and her team are trying to escape Detroit with the Reach device. The team heads to Detroit and attacks the villains in a hangar as they're trying to fly away. Dick and Jeff eventually overcome Mist and Livewire, respectively. Shade has his way with the new recruits – but when Brion is trapped, Halo turns white, shattering Shade's dark powers and freeing Brion.

Tigress asks a recovering Cheshire who is in charge of the League of Shadows now and where are they operating from. Cheshire says she doesn't know who's in charge, but does know that the League is operating out of Santa Prisca (suggesting that Bane is in charge, perhaps?). Cheshire asks about her daughter Lian. Tigress tells her to come and visit her daughter. Cheshire says that her daughter is better off without her mother, because she'll always be Cheshire first. Shade and Cheshire escape.

Gotham City. September 26, 02:24 EDT.

Young Justice Outsiders s3e8

Dick and Orcale, Batman and Robin, Aquaman and M'gann and a hologram of Wonder Woman from half a galaxy away gather together to compare notes. The different groups have been working different angles on the same case, to break up the Branchwater metahuman trafficking ring ran by businessman Simon Stagg. Unlike Bedlam, Stagg wasn't creating new metahumans, but acquiring existing metahumans to do his will.

Stagg paid Sportmaster to attack and try to free Brick and Shade. Shade is the scruffy-looking metahuman who Sportsmaster escaped with. Once they had Shade, he was delivered to Tetch, who injected Shade with nanites that gave Tetch complete control over Shade. Prior to Shade, Tetch had injected Clayface, Mist, and Livewire. Batman and Robin freed the injection victims from Tetch's control. With Shade under his control, Stagg had Cheshire lead the team to steal the Reach device from Star Labs, which Stagg thought would somehow protect him from metahumans when his rivals got word that Stagg was using metahumans in this way and decided to retaliate with metahuman of their own. M'gann and Conner made the arrest on Stagg earlier that day.

While Batman considers the bust of the Branchwater ring a win, Wonder Woman is upset. She objects to the seven of them leading six different teams, with no one team knowing that they're working with the others. Batman says that working this way 1) is adopting the Light's own methods and using them against the organization; and 2) gives the various members of the different teams plausible deniability if things go badly.

Batman uses Superman as an example… does anyone really think that Superman would lie if forced to take the stand?

Wonder Woman asks Batman if he expects her to lie. Batman says no, he expects her to use her diplomatic immunity to avoid having to take the stand.

Wonder Woman asks the rest of the group if they are willing to lie under oath… a question that gets no response.


Be sure to check back tomorrow as we recap the last new episode of Young Justice: Outsiders for this week, with our spoiler recap of episode 9, "Home Fires."

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