Hasbro Enters The Role Play Market…Look I'm Captain America!

Jeremy Konrad writes,

I have always wanted a Captain America shield. Ever since I was a kid, buying my very first comic, Captain America # 381, and seeing Steve Rogers stand heroically on the cover, throwing the shield through the air, holding it up in triumph; It has called to me. Since the MCU started and I got to see my hero brought to life, my eyes always fixated on that ultimate patriotic symbol of hope. It has always meant a lot to me. But alas, I could never afford anything but, lets be honest here: crummy, cheap, bendable plastic models that have been on the market. The higher end stuff remained a pipe dream.

Well no more! Enter Hasbro, who starting this month is entering the role-play field in a big way. Premium items at affordable prices, that is the name of the game here. When they were first announced back in February, I was a tad skeptical. Sure they looked great, but execution in these sorts of items is vital. At $99.99 retail, they absolutely needed to knock it out of the park. The Iron Man helmet also being released looks pretty spiffy, with working electronics and the ability to attach the faceplate to the top of the helmet. But it was all about the Cap shield for me. Finally, if done right it would be the missing piece from my collection all these years.

I am happy to say that it exceeds my expectations. At 24 inches in diameter, it is a 1:1 scale replica that looks straight off the movie set. Right from taking it out of the box, the glossy finish catches your eye and you can appreciate how much detail is really here. The next thing you notice is how comfortable it is on your arm. Featuring two adjustable straps, they are perfectly tight or loose, I had no problems slipping it right onto my arm and striking as many Cap poses as I could think of. It is a heavier plastic, but my arm never got tired after basically walking around my apartment for hours just holding it. I don't see any reason why someone would have any issues adding this to their Captain America cosplays and spending a convention day carrying it around.

They are also offering a metal 75th anniversary version later this year as well, but at a $300 price tag.

I am having a bit of a conundrum trying to figure out how to hang it from the wall, but that is a very minor gripe at best. This instantly becomes the centerpiece of my Marvel/Cap collection and has me considering any future role-play items offered in the future. My highest recommendation!

I do think I could pass for Chris Evans stunt double, no?


No, I don't think so either.

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