Mezco Toyz Unleashes The Krig As Their Newest Original One: 12 Figure

A new original figure from Mezco is right around the corner as they unveil the deadly Krig. Last week, Mezco announced their new Asia Goal exclusive One: 12 Collective figure, which turned out to be Krig: Blood Force. Asia Goal Exclusives are nothing new as last year's fans got Shadow and White Assassin Gomez figures. The Krig is new to the Rumble line, and he seems to be connected to the underwater ruler of Baron Bends, who was released last year. The exclusive figure will feature a body style similar to X-Men's Cable with a light-up chest rig as well as a light-up unhelmeted head sculpt. The light-up head is very interesting and almost seems under par for what Mezco usually releases. Overlooking that small aspect, the Krig will come with a huge set of new weapons from futuristic grenades, scythe, side blaster, taser, and proton cannon. Other included accessories include a field poncho, weapon effects, display base, and sticker sheet.

The figure is unique for the Rumble Society line from Mezco Toyz as it adds a new character design to the universe with a new helmeted sculpt. The Krig feature a new bug styled helmet that shares similar designs to the Imperial Probe Droids, as seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The helmet sculpts, weapons, and bright blood red color scheme will make this figure stand out in any collectors collection. This was an Asia Goal exclusive, which makes it an overseas exclusive, and like usual, it sold out fairly fast online with its release found here.

Even still, this figure has had an interesting reaction in the Rumble Society and Gomez community, with many passing on him. This has made the second market value for this figure not as bad as some would assume, with it landing around $300. The original USD price was roughly $126 with overseas shipping of $51 (for lucky US collectors), which is still pretty pricey for a single figure. For an overseas exclusive figure, this is not a bad second value as most are bought up to obtain the even more elusive 500 pieces White Skull Agent.

Things do not end there either, as even if you missed the Krig Blood Force, you are still in luck. Some fans already have the Blood Force figure in hand, and after further inspection, the included sticker pack hints at more Krig are coming. It seems that there will be four Krig's starting with the Red (Blood Force), will also be getting a Black (Black Spartans, viewed above), White (Pale Drivers), and Yellow (Murder Hornets) versions of the figure. If that is not convincing enough, Mezco Toyz unveiled pictures of the Black Spartans confirming that the Krig will be coming to the states. It is unclear if this release will be a random drop, announced drop, or an included release with their upcoming Toyz Chest. This could be a simple color swapped figure, or each could have its own arsenal to choose from, and only time will tell what each will have. Fans will find him here when finally announced, which we can imagine will be this month. Will you be going after the Rumble Society Krig?

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