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The Void Wars Continues with Mezco Toyz Rumble Society Olumu Rook
One of those releases was a new use of the Krig soldier as Rumble Society Olumu Rook has arrived The Void Wars Era of the Rumble Society line continues to grow and is after the Red Eye Knight Gomez This sinister One:12 figure adds some new upgrades to the King suit with a new helmet,[...]
The Void Wars Continues with Mezco Toyz Rumble Society Olumu Rook
These new space-themed Rumble Society figures originally started with the Krig years ago, but things got more intense at San Diego Comic Con 2023 Void Cadet Gomez made his debut during the con, both as an online bundle featuring a Mech and as an in-person con item as a solo figure At long last, that[...]
Hasbro Debuts Transformers Ghost Starscream & Haunted Waspinator Set
It is time to return to the Gangreene Estates with Mezco Toyz as they debut their latest One:12 Collective Rumble Society figure Theodore Sodcutter is back as this groundkeeper gets a new Ghostly Ghoul Edition that will be PX Previews Exclusive It is quite often that Mezco Originals receive a second release with a new[...]
Awaken the Dark with Mezco Toyz 5 Points Doc Nocturnal Tower Playset
The Doc is back in the office as Mezco Toyz debuts their latest Rumble Society 5 Points set Doc Nocturnal and his Nocturnal Tower have been brought to life with an impressive two-story playset The story of Doc Nocturnal is quite mysterious, but Mezco fans have seen some elements of his backstory through their original[...]
Yo Lugnuts! Mezco Toyz Brings Rumble Society’s Slugfest to Life
A new Rumble Society One:12 Collective figure has arrived as the man, the myth, and the legend; Slugfest has arrived That is right, lugnuts, the man behind Mezco's Emporium of Badassery, is coming to life with a brand new figure for the Rumble Society line Slugfest Will feature 28 points of articulation, stands roughly 7"[...]
The Greatest One:12 Figure Arrives from Mezco with Void Cadet Gomez 
The Gomez line is Mezco's very own special creation and delivers new and original content for their Roach Mascot and the Rumble Society We have seen plenty of Gomez figures in the past, but this one truly takes the cake Void Cadet Gomez is here for a new intergalactic mission as the Void Wars have[...]
Mezco Reveals Rumble Society Hoodlumz: King of the Block Exclusive 
Mezco fans should be used to Rumble Society variants at this rate, and this new Vapor is perfect for fans who love the character, love the Rumble Society, or just love Mezco One:12 Collective This exclusive will not stay long, so Rumble Society fans can snag the King of the Block up right now for[...]
Mezco Toyz Debuts Rumble Society Doc Nocturnal Static-6 Statue 
Doc Nocturnal has returned to Mezco Toyz as the popular Rumble Society hunter of horror is getting his own statue Releasing as part of Mezco's Static-6 line, the Doc comes in at a whopping 15" tall and will weigh 7 lbs The statue shows an upgraded version of the Rumble Society Doc Nocturnal with tactical[...]
Mezco Toyz Debuts Rumble Society Death Adder for One:12 Day 
At long last, another member of the Hazard Squad has arrived with the Rumble Society Death Adder Death Adder was part of a Mezco Toyz fan vote over a year ago, having the collector pick the new member of the Squad to get released This highly skilled hitman packs a punch and a bite with[...]
Mezco Debuts Rumble Society Atticus Doom: Necroverse Edition
Mezco Toyz is back with another variant rerelease as Rumble Society Atticus Doom: Necroverse Edition has arrived This One:12 Collective figure gives collectors everything they loved bout the original release and more Newly updated glow in the dark parts is now included, with all weapons, hands, and magic being able to light up the night[...]
Rumble Society Holiday Gomez Has Returned with Mezco Toyz
It is not often that Mezco Toyz brings their rare One:12 Collective figure back in stock, but it's the holidays! Merry and cheer have come to the world of the Rumble Society once again as Holiday Gomez has returned! This figure originally debuted back in the winter of 2021, and he is back that's to[...]
Mezco Debuts New Rumble Society Figure with Eddie and Bella 4eva Set
Mezco Toyz is on a roll lately, as another Rumble Society release has arrived for Cyber Monday Cuzin' Eddi is back and bringing his dog Bella along for the ride with some chaos and mischief This is the second Cuzin Eddi figure we have seen, as the first releases are part of last year's Rumble[...]
Mezco Toyz Debuts Pink Skulls Chaos Club Unholy Encore Capsule
The Pink Skulls Chaos Club is back and ready for an encore with Mezco Toyz latest Rumble Society release It was not long ago that we saw the long-awaited return of the Pink Skulls with a fantastic new set of figures Mezco is back with a second release with some updated swamped, colored instruments and[...]
Mezco Toys Debuts One:12 Gangreene Estates Theodore Sodcutter
A new world of the Rumble Society has arrived with the Gangreene Estates, a hauntingly new world Whether this is a whole new line of horror themed figures is a special world inside their original Rumble line Kicking off the Gangrene Estates is the eerie, creepy, and terrifying groundskeeper Theodore Sodcutter This spooky figure is[...]
Mezco Toyz Reveals Rumble Society Hoodies and Rumble-Mugz Masks
Mezco Toyz has really changed the toy world with their fantastic creation of their Rumble Society It is really hard to find original creations in this day and age, but Mezco has done it and perfected it to a tee Their One:12 Collective line-up has been fantastic and a true pleasure to collect, giving us[...]
Mezco Toys Kicks Off Rumble Con 2022 with Union 112 Gomez
Mezco Toyz is back for NYCC as they kick off their Rumble Society only themed Rumble Con 2022 event This event is filled with games, giveaways, and new releases featuring their original line of figures Just like always, Mezco kicked off their event with a new and exclusive One:12 Collective action figure After an extended[...]
Mezco Toyz Announces Rumble Con 2022 for End of September 
I have no doubt that we will see a new Rumble Society figure from Mezco, and hopefully, it is Slugfest Slugfest is a legend with Gomez and Rumble Society collectors as he is the owner of Slugfest's Emporium of Badassery This is the secret site of Mezco Toyz, with secret drops popping up here and[...]
Hawk P-40 Goes Gold with Mezco Toys New Howling Fury Edition 
At this rate, most Mezco Toyz fans should expect a secondary release for most of the company's original One:12 Collective Rumble Society figures It looks like Hawk P-40 is back with a new fancy all-gold release titled the Howling Fury Edition The WWII elements seem to have been removed from this galactic Rumbler and is[...]
Rumble Society Krig-13: Eradicator Hornet Edition Arrives from Mezco 
However, most fans were waiting to see if a One:12 Collective figure would drop from Mezco Toyz, and boy, did they deliver with the Rumble Society Krig-13: Eradicator Hornet Edition! The story of the Krig continues as Krig-13 is back and getting Massive upgrade from a fallen Murder Hornet! The Rumble Society Krig-13: Eradicator Hornet Edition[...]
The Rumble Society’s Pink Skulls Chaos Club Returns to Mezco Toyz
It has finally happened; Mezco Toyz has unveiled a new set of the Rumble Society Pink Skulls Chaos Club! The Pink Skulls Chaos Club is easily one of the rarest sets from Mezco's original "Gomezverse" These skulls are beloved by many fans, and they sold out fast with their original releases in 2019, and we[...]
Mezco Debuts Rumble Society Assault on Krig-13: Squadron Builder Set
The Rumble Society is easily one of my favorite lines to collect, and Mezco Toyz puts a lot of time and lore into their figures One of the newest ones to release was the long-awaited Krig Murder Hornets This cloned super-soldier is part of an elite squadron that includes three other teams like the Black[...]
Mezco Toyz Unveils Rumble Society Krig: Murder Hornets One:12 Figure 
Mezco Toyz is back with another One:12 Collective Rumble Society member with the final Krig soldier At long last, the Krig: Murder Hornet is on the way as this deadly mercenary makes an explosive entrance This is the first Rumble Society Krig warrior that features a new armor set with new attachable Vibro-Wings and helmet[...]
Mezco Toyz Kicks Off Mezco Toyzfair with Rumble Society: Atticus Doom
This year we are finally getting one Rumble Society member that has been teasing for years with Atticus Doom! This paranormal detective summons accent power of both good and evil to give collectors a truly incredible figure Everything about the Rumble Society Atticus Doom is new, from multiple head sculpts, special necromancy effects, and even[...]
Mezco Toyz Announces Rumble Society Apparel with Ghost x Ghost
Rumble Society collectors are in for a real treat as Mezco Toyz has announced their newest partnership With the help of Ghost x Ghost, a new line of officially licensed apparel is on the way featuring Mezco's original One:12 Collective figures This original line of action figures has been an absolute hit, and it is[...]
Mezco Toyz Debuts Captain Nemo Nautilus Crew Builder Figure Set
Fans have been waiting for this, and the time has arrived with this special Rumble Society Nautilus Crew Builder Set! Collectors will get two figures, 4 unique head sculpts, and a whole arsenal of gear and weapons to help you rule the seven seas If you are looking to expand your Captain Nemo adventures even[...]
Mezco Toyz Reveals Captain Nemo Expansion Pack with Wave Rider
The Rumble Society Wave Rider & Captain Nemo Expansion Pack is priced at $90, set to release between June – August 2022, and pre-orders are live right here. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: Mezco Toyz Credit: Mezco Toyz "Ride the crest[...]
Mezco Toyz Teases Nosferatu: Symphony of Horror for One:12 Day
It looks like we are getting nice change this time as a new Rumble Society figure is being unloaded with a new variant for Nosferatu This Silent Horror legend is back as Count Orlok is ready to rule the night once again with his Symphony of Horror figure Only a single teaser has been released[...]
Tyler's Top 10 Figures of 2021 - Mezco Toyz Rumble Society Rises
As we round out our list, two figures from Mezco Toyz popular One:12 Collective Rumble Society series made the list My love for Mezco Toyz has only grown this year, and I am not surprised not one, but two original characters made the list, and I expect more to come in 2022. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item[...]
Mezco Toyz Gets Festive with New One:12 Holiday Gomez Figure
Christmas has come early to Mezco Toyz as they unveil their next exclusive Rumble Society figure with Holiday Gomez That is right; the gang comes home for the holidays as Mezco Toyz mascot is back but with a little holiday cheer this time around Oddly enough Mezco did not include a holiday sweater for Gomez[...]
Mezco Toyz Reveals Slugfest’s Emporium of Badassery Advent Calendar
It keeps the surprises intact, I have left out what is in the box, but the box will feature a brand new Rumble Society member: Cuzin Eddi This misfit is a wild ride and the perfect party crasher for your holiday parties with a blue skull, reindeer once, and a bottle of booze Priced at[...]