We Look At Baron Bends and The Aquaticons From Mezco Toyz

Baron Bends and the Aquaticons Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective figure has finally arrived! This has been a long-awaited Rumble Society figure that has been on collector's minds since his tease during the 2020 New York Toy Fair. The figure went live on Mezco Toyz roughly a month ago and shipments are finally starting to go out. It was nice to finally get him in my hands so let's not wait any further in dive right on into this review of the newest member of the Rumble Society. This purchase did come with a special Swag Set that included a special Baron Bends T-shirt that features art similar to retro comic books. There is also a special comic book that was included that was sort of an origin story for Baron Bends that did include some interesting details specifications of the Aqua Knight weapons and armor. The last item for the swag set was an Order of the Holy Divers pin. It is a nicely designed and was a perfect swag piece for any dedicated member of the Rumble Society.

We are diving right into this review and are starting with the packaging. The Mezco packaging is very sleek and features a gold Rumble Society logo at the center. When you open the doors you are greeted with artwork featuring Baron Bends and his Aquaticons. Inside the box are three containers holding the figure and all of his necessary parts. Before we dive into the figure itself I wanted to take a look at some of the stuff he comes with. Up first is the Mezco original minions of Baron Bends, the Aquaticons. These minions are Baron's elite robotic troops that are integrated with AI technology and are able to receive telepathic commands from the Baron's helmet. The Aquaticons look quite similar to anglerfish but are also fused with future tech. They are beautifully detailed and even have articulation in the jaw. There are four of these minions included as well as a thin plastic water display. The display can hold up to 3 of these fish and is a perfect backdrop for your Baron Bends Mezco One: 12 Collective figure. The Baron will come with a couple of interchangeable parts with two extra sets of swappable hands and a second head that features a squid-like design. For the included weapons, we get two original and unique items like the Omni-Glave Staff and a golden anchor and chain called the Weigh of Woes. The origin of this figure is what truly amazes me and it makes us want to know more of the world built around this figure.

It is time for the main event with Baron Bends himself and all his glory. The suit is nicely detailed with plastic elements on the boots, arms, and upper chest. The rest of his suit is fabric and it really brings the deep sea diver aesthetic alive. The colors of blue and yellow really compliment each other especially in his helmet. The helmet also does have a liftable eyepiece that reveals some of the face of this mysterious warrior. We do not know a lot of this character but we do get to see some of his Frankenstein styled eyes staring back at you. This only pulls you deeper into the world that Mezco Toyz is building for us. The figure does include a variety of attachable tubes to lets collectors decorate him how you want his suit to be displayed. The hands are nice and flexible to allow weapons to go in and out with ease as well as the neck joint allows for simple and painless head swaps. Each head sculpt fits him perfectly and they both pair quite nicely with each of the included accessories. Baron Bends with his Aquaticons on display are the perfect duo and it makes for a very dynamic pose. The Mezco display base and rod do allow high end posing allow collectors for a nice range of customizability. There were no issues getting him set up and it was a very painless process which was nice for a change.

In the end, I am in love with the Mezco Toyz Original Baron Bends and the Aquaticons. The originality of him is definitely something unique that just draws me in. He is not jampacked with accessories and is pretty simplistic and I like it like that. They give you just the right amount of extras to keep any collector entertained. The Aquaticons and their display base is definitely a nice touch that gives a more dynamic feel when you have them on display. This new member of the Mezco Rumble Society should definitely be on any One:12 collectors wish list. There is currently a waitlist for this figure which you can join here. He is priced at $112 and if you decide to join the waitlist here and it will be well worth the wait. It is exciting to see original figures come back again in the year 2020 and it looks like there are more coming soon as in the Baron Bends comic teased the next Rumble Society member. It looks like the mysterious Phantom Knight known as Doc Nocturnal will be coming soon and when things go bump in the night he beats the crap out of them. Stay tuned for more info when this figure is revealed and don't forget to check out some of the other original figures from Mezco Toyz like their Gomez line which you can check out here.

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