Batman Dark Nights: Death Metal Batcyle Coming from McFarlane Toys

The McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse figure line continues to expand comic books into new collectibles. The newest trend in their line is the in-depth look at the hit DC Comics story arc Batman: Dark Nights Metal. We have been seeing a lot of the Dark Multiverse come out of this wave with The Dawnbreaker, Devastator, Red Death, Crow Robins, and much more. The storyline shows the darker side of Batman and McFarlane Toys is perfecting these characters when they bring them to life. It seems like that McFarlane is not done with these darker versions of the Dark Knight as they unveil their newest vehicle. Coming out of the DC Comics sequel series Dark Nights Death Metal is the Reaper Batcycle. This cycle has been used in the con going Death Metal storyline and this means we will hopefully be using the Grim Reaper Batman to go with him. The official image shows off the amazing sculpting put into this cycle with the bone detailing. The bike will be perfect for any DC Comics Metal fan and will really enhance your apocalyptic Batman.

Some fans and collectors are still questioning why are we getting the Death Metal Batcyle before an actual Batcycle. I think theta McFarlane Toys is trying to stay out of the box with this line. With the first wave of figures, we got some of the basic characters like Superman and Batman but we are talking about the DC Multiverse. This means seeing stuff we have not seen before like Hellbat armor, Superman Unchained, Azrael, and other DC Comic design no one else is making. The Dark Nights Metal story arc is something perfect with the original layout of McFarlane Toys with Spawn. Pre-orders are not live and the only news we know is that it is set to release in 2021. However, fans can find some of the newer DC Multiverse figures coming soon here like Metal Batman wave that has a Batman the Merciless Build-A-Figure.

Batman Dark Nights: Death Metal Batcyle Coming from McFarlane Toys
Credit: McFarlane Toys

"The Batcycle from Dark Nights: Death Metal revs its way to McFarlane Toy Coming out Jan 2021."

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