Batman Week: The Monsterous Collectibles of the Batman

Batman Week continues as we dive deeper into the myth and legend that is the bat. Even if the criminals never met Batman, they feared what he was. Sometimes the legend of the Bat even surpasses the man itself. So in honor of this legend, we have found some of the most gothic monstrous portrayal collectibles of the one and only Dark Knight. The depiction of Batman gets darker and creepy the more you listen to the people in the streets and our first statue is from the Black and White collection. This DC Direct statue shows off the iconic DC Comic New 52 Batman #6 cover from Greg Capullo. This batmonster comes to life right off the common pages and he is quite terrifying. This statue is definitely more monster than man and is highly detailed and very limited. The 5000 piece statue stands 7" tall and can terrify any collectors horrific collection. The statue is set to release in October 2020, priced at $79.99, and pre-orders are live and located here. As the infamous owlman bat retreats in for the night our next monster rises from the sewer. This time DC Artists Alley and the mind of James Groman bring horror alive with our next beastly Batman collectible. This 3000 limited edition statue shows the Bat in a darker light as he has mutated and become more than man. The designers show off a beast of a man who has seemingly killed his notorious villains as we see trophies around his waist. With Banes venom flowing though this beasts vein there is nothing stopping him form finally purging Gotham of all its filth. This DC Direct statue is priced at $64.99 and you can buy him now and here

This last Batman collectible is truly a nightmarish piece that any bat fan or horror collector must have. This Sideshow Collectibles statue is limited to only 1500 pieces and has a 736 piece exclusive version. This time Batman has taken his bat persona to a new level as he becomes the thing he fears most. His body design has a fleshy design as the built has become part of him now. The cowl and his cape have now become part of him as he watches from the city above. This statue really takes the idea of the Bat to new levels and probably a realistic portrayal of what criminals think of. This Gotham City Nightmare collection is a highly detailed piece that highly detailed from the fleshy sculpt to the bats on the gargoyle. The Sideshow Exclusive version does have a second head sculpt that gives you a demon bat head. This is one piece that will stand out in any batcave and is priced between $510 – $525. The standard version is available now and the Exclusive has a waitlist which you can find both here. These collectibles are all full of gothic horror that brings fear into the scum of Gotham. The legend of our dark knight is something that will continue to grow even after his time has come. Whether he is a vampire, demon, or monster, he is out there to defend the people of the city he lives. Let's just hope you are not on the receiving end of this bloodsucker.  

Batman Gotham Nightmare Statue from Sideshow Collectibles
Nightmare Batman Statue, dynamic pose, photo from Sideshow Collectibles.


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