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Joker Gets Animated with DC Direct’s New Batman: TAS Statue 
New statues are on the way from McFarlane Toys and DC Direct as we step into Gotham once again The Joker is back as his iconic and legendary appearance from the popular Batman: The Animated Series is faithfully recreated Throughout the history of Batman, Bruce Timm's version of Gotham's heroes and villains will always stay with[...]
McFarlane Debuts New Batman with Bat Black & White DC Direct Statue 
The Dark Knight sells, and I know I am a sucker for some sweet Bat stuff, so it is nice to see the return of the popular Batman Black & White statue line. There are over 100 statues in the Batman Black & White statue line, and with the help of McFarlane Toys, the DC Direct[...]
Harley Quinn Enters the Future State with New DC Direct Statue
McFarlane Toys and DC Direct would agree as they have announced this future version of Harley is coming to her popular Red, White & Black statue line. Coming in at 7.75" tall, Harley Quinn's new design comes to life with this impressive statue that captures Derrick Chew's art from the Future Statue comic Harley Quinn is[...]
I Am Batman’s Jace Fox Gets His Very First Statue with DC Direct 
His new suit is pretty sweet as well, and it looks like DC Direct and McFarlane Toys are bringing him to life The long-running line of Batman Black & White statues continues, and Jace Fox now joins the lineup with an impressive 11" tall statue.  The statue is based on his cover appearance of I Am[...]
DC Essentials DCeased Figures Rise from the Grave with McFarlane Toys 
McFarlane Toys is staying true to its word with the revival of DC Direct as even more collectibles are making a return Back in 2019, DC Comics kicked off their first zombie storyline DCeased with Cyborg infecting the DC Universe with the Anti-Life virus For anyone viewing anything on electronics, they become a blood-thirsty zombie,[...]
McFarlane Toys Announces the Return of More DC Direct Statues 
McFarlane Toys has revealed the return of some resurrected DC Direct projects with four statues heading our way: DC Designer Series Catwoman by Stanley Lau 1:6 Scale Statue Harley Quinn Red White and Black Harley Quinn by J Scott Campbell Statue DC Battle Superman vs The Flash Racing Statue DC Designer Series The Batman Who Laughs by Greg Capullo[...]
The Joker DC Artist Alley Statue Arrives with a New DC Direct Drop
While they really have been slacking lately, the tables are turning as the resurrection of DC Direct is underway under McFarlane A lot of lines were halted in their tracks after the demise of DC Direct with Batman Black & White, DC Essentials, Batman Animated Figures, and so much more One of the more unique[...]
Harley Quinn Red, White, and Black Return via McFarlane Toys
It was a sad day when both lines ended with (at the time) DC Direct dissolving However, with the help of McFarlane Toys, some of these lines are back, and it looks like some of the previous unrelated statues are making their return Harley Quinn's line is back with this amazing 7" tall statue that[...]
Batman Animated DC Direct Figures Return with McFarlane Toys
It was a sad day when DC Direct fell apart, and all of the upcoming collectibles lines were lost to the wind However, last year McFarlane Toys announced the revival of DC Direct under their line and will continue bringing popular lines to fans Those lines are starting to reappear already as we have seen[...]
DC Direct Limited Edition Batman: The Killing Joke Statues Arrived
DC Direct is back as McFarlane Toys has taken over the business and promised to return plenty of statues, figures, and collectibles from the line That promise continues as two statues have been revealed, with two limited edition statues arriving from the hit DC Comics storyline, Batman: The Killing Joke The Clown Prince of Crime[...]
DC Direct Rises From the Dead with New Wave of DCeased Figures
A couple of years ago, DC Comics dissolved DC Direct, which was their collectibles division that dished out a lot of collectibles Most famously, they distributed the DC Essentials, Batman Black & White, and Harley Quinn Black, White, & Red It was sad to see this company fade away, but McFarlane Toys has resurrected the[...]
Pre-orders Arrive for Upcoming DC Direct/ McFarlane Toys The Batman Statues
During yesterday's DC Fandom event, Todd McFarlane gave fans a glimpse at some of their upcoming DC Direct collectibles McFarlane Toys announced the partnership of DC Direct, reviving some very popular collectible lines From Batman Black & White and Harley Quinn Black, White & Red to Designer Series statues, fans are in for a big[...]
Todd McFarlane Debuts The Batman Statue and More at DC Fandome
McFarlane Toys announced that they would be acquiring DC Direct's statue line giving collectors the continuation of some popular series These include Batman Black & White, Harley Quinn Red, White, and Black, and DC Direct Designer Series statues Many fans were sad to see these statues vanish after the disposal of DC Collectibles a couple[...]
DC Comics Answers the Future with DC Direct Collectibles
As for collectibles, the biggest question is what will happen to their collectibles unit DC Direct Luckily it looks like DC Comics has an answer for us which fans can check out the full reply below: Upcoming DCeased figures. "What is the future of DC Direct? "When we started, we were one of the first companies, if not[...]
If Amerang Matched Diamond UK's Prices on DC Direct They'd Lose Money
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported the news that Amerang has been appointed as a DC Direct distributor to the UK – because that's what they said in their press releases. Amerang are pleased to announce that as from July 1st 2020, we have been appointed UK distributor for the hugely popular DC Direct range of licensed collectables. DC[...]
Amerang to Distribute DC Direct Statues and Toys to UK Comic Stores
UPDATE: Contrary to Amerang's press releases, Bleeding Cool has now been informed that Amerang will only be subdistributing DC Direct items from Sideshow, so Amerang is not a direct DC Direct distributor as reported below The original article runs below with claims struck out. Bleeding Cool has been told by DC representatives that we were instrumental[...]
DC Direct Updates Retailers On New Ordering Procedures
DC Direct announced a partnership with four new distributors a couple of days ago, including Sideshow Collectibles, UCS, Lunar, and Entertainment Earth Buried in that release was that all previous orders for DC Direct figures, statues, and more for shipping after May 1st were canceled at Diamond Some heavy hitters like the long delayed Todd[...]
DC Direct Updates Retailers On New Ordering Procedures
DC Direct is also being affected by the big Distributor Wars of 2020 While everyone is up in arms over the comics and graphic novels, quite a few of us have asked: what about everything else? DC Direct (formerly DC Collectibles, which before that was DC Direct, which…you get it) has finally let retailers know[...]
DC Direct has jumped onto the Zoom backgrounds bandwagon The company has created a whole bunch of backgrounds featuring various figures and statue lines the company has released these last couple of years Batman Black and White collectors will be most interested in the statue one, as it can also work as a sort of[...]
Batman Gotham Nightmare Statue from Sideshow Collectibles
This DC Direct statue shows off the iconic DC Comic New 52 Batman #6 cover from Greg Capullo This batmonster comes to life right off the common pages and he is quite terrifying This statue is definitely more monster than man and is highly detailed and very limited The 5000 piece statue stands 7" tall[...]
Poison Ivy Brings Holiday Cheer with New DC Direct Statue
Poison Ivy is back and this time she is getting a new DC Bombshells statue from DC Direct The Bombshells line is something special with iconic DC heroines but with classic WWII pinup designs This time Poison Ivy is back but she is in the holiday spirit in her new statue She is sitting on[...]
Deadshot Aims up His Show With New DC Direct Statue
I am a fan of the paint that DC Direct decided to use as it is quite unique with that shine to it Deadshot and his menacing stance will look nice on any DC villain fans collection. The Batman Rogues Gallery Deadshot statue is priced at $90 This is a 5000LE statue and is set to[...]
Batman and Joker Are Getting New Statues from DC Direct
More statues are heading our way from DC Direct which was previously known as DC Collectibles These statues add more numbers to the largely growing Batman Black and White series We are also getting the first ever statue in the recently revealed Joker Black and White series which has fans ecstatic to get Each statue[...]