Avengers: Endgame Bro Thor Becomes SDCC Beast Kingdom Exclusive

One of the biggest changes to come out of Avengers: Endgame was Thor. After his failure to kill Thanos he has spiraled down. 5 years later he is known as Bro Thor, his chill mannered God is ready for more beer and pizza. Beast Kingdom wants you to bring Bro Thor home with their next SDCC exclusive. The Egg Attack Action series welcome Bro Thor with open arms and cheese whiz. This 2020 Exclusive will come with multiple interchangeable pieces with four pairs of hands in two different heads wipes. There's a wide variety of accessories with Stormbreaker, a sandwich, a pizza, drink can, and sunglasses. Each one of these fits Bro Thor quite nicely and will go great with his fabric designed loungewear. This is one exclusive that Bro Thor and Avengers: Endgame fans will not want to miss out on.

Of all the Bro Thor collectibles we have seen since the films released this is probably one of the best ones. Not a lot of companies have been able to capture the essence of the Big Lebowski Thor and Beast Kingdom has. With excellent detail and a wide variety of accessories, he comes with collectors will be entertained for a long time. The SDCC 2020 Bro Thor Egg Attack Action Series Figure from Beast Kingdom will be priced at $80. He will most likely have a July release date like the other figures announced and you can find pre-order links are already live and located here. Don't forget to check out the other SDCC Beast Kingdom exclusive like Marvel Comics Spider-Man and Infinity War Tony Stark.

"Beast Kingdom's Entertainment Experience Brand presents a new Egg Attack Action series 6-inch action figure, "Avengers: Endgame Bro Thor." While Thor still has his, Stormbreaker, this figure gives collectors the side of Thor seen in "Endgame." It includes four pairs of interchangeable hands and two different facial expressions that display Thor's dejected manner in this film. He is dressed in the clothing he wears around the house. A hoodie, plaid pajama pants and a red robe bring out the casual style of a stereotypical middle-aged man. Of course, this kind of person can't live without the staples of the lifestyle. Pizza, a sandwich, a drink can, sunglasses and slippers are all included. How can you pass up this defeated version of Thor? Get yours today!"

Special Features:

  • Two interchangeable facial expressions (normal, smiling)
  • Four pairs of interchangeable hand shapes (clenched fist, relaxed, open palm, holding a beer)
  • Clothing: hoodie, plaid pants, red robe
  • Accessories: Stormbreaker, sunglasses, pizza, sandwich, drink can, slippers

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