Beast Kingdom Reveals Iron Man and Thor Avengers: Endgame Statues

Avengers: Endgame easily changed cinema as we know it giving viewers the first ever 22 connecting movie masterpiece. Beast Kingdom wants to remember some memorable moments from the climactic finale of the film with two new Diorama Stage statues. Two Avengers return with Thor and Iron Man as they are displayed on a very unique Avengers: Endgame base with a  crumbling Avengers logo behind them. Bro Thor kicks things off first as he wields both Mjolnir and Stormbreaker with lighting unleashing his power. Iron Man, on the other hand, stands his ground with the Nano Gauntlet as he prepares to change to the universe. Both statues are nicely detailed and will be a nice addition to showcase your love for Avengers: Endgame, and pre-order are live right here for $35.99.

"When Thanos wipes half of all living creates in the universe, the remaining Avengers  band together for a trip across time to bring back their friends for one last stand against the mad titan! With the final battle nearly lost, Iron-Man manages to snap all Infinity-Stones in one final act of bravery taking the task of reversing the damage caused by Thanos upon himself. In the now famous pose, Iron-Man in his Mark-85 suit is seen kneeling on the ground, ready to snap his fingers."

"At the start of The Avengers Endgame, a new type of Thor is seen, one a little more laid back and not as dominating as he once was. Unable to get out of his anger of losing the final battle in 'Infinity War' to Thanos, he lets himself go with drinking and video games to while away his time. Yet by the end of the Endgame movie, whilst still a little chubby around the edges, his fighting spirit is back in full force, making the 'God Of Thunder' a force to be reckoned with yet again."

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