Venom Gets Monstrous Life-Size Statue From Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom is giving Marvel Comics fans a real treat as they announce a life-size statue of the monstrous Venom. Standing 7.22 feet tall, this intense statue captures the Spider-Man villain's older design straight out of comics. From the veins to the muscles, this statue is sculpted to perfection pleasing many fans. Venoms face is shown with his extended tongue and teeth showing for his next victim. This statue is not a laughing matter either, as it comes with a $12,899 price tag and has to be specialty orders from Beast Kingdom. For dedicated fans who want this deadly statue for their comic shop or collection, they can find more information here. The statue is set to release in October, so there will be time to get the money to bring this bad boy home.

"I am Venom. And you are mine. Since its very first appearance in 1984, Marvel's Venom has been the 'Anti-Spider-Man'fans had been clamoring for. Everything good and righteous about our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was flipped on its head with the release of Venom, a fierce and aggressive anti-hero with an attitude. Following his latest, successful onscreen adaption in 2018's 'movie, the symbiotic alien with a hunger to find a host body, and taste for humans has become even more well known by fans the world over."

"Best Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand' is proud to introduce the latest in 1:1, highly detailed, life size statues: LS-078 Marvel Comics Venom. At around 220cm in height, venom's comic style design is accurately recreated down to the muscle definition and venomous veins. Using years of experience in manufacturing high-end statues, Beast Kingdom has recreated Venom's infamous grin and long slimy looking tongue. His otherworldly evil expression and huge physique is carefully recreated with hand-painted craftsmanship. Paired with a stone-clad platform and an individually numbered plaque, this life-size statue is perfect for collectors and professional."

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