Billie Eilish Gets Interesting Set of Dolls from Playmates

Fans of Billie Eilish can now join the world of collectibles as Playmates announces not one but two collectible dolls. The hit singer is getting some collectible dolls based on two of her hot music videos with "Bad Guy" and "All The Good Girls Go To Hell." Each figure will come in a nicely eco-friendly box with some cool Billie Eilish inspired art on the front. The real magic starts when you open the package as it forms its own dynamic diorama display that the doll can be displayed on. Go To Hell Billie will stand 6" while the Bad Guy Billie stands roughly 10" tall and will get its own corresponding outfit just like the one in the music video. These interesting collectibles. Will let any Billie Eilish fan relive their favorite moments from one of their favorite songs.

The singer is a very interesting choice for Playmates to make a doll out of. While I'm not the biggest fan of the dolls themselves, the art on the box is pretty sweet, and the Go To Hell Billie art looks like something that was pulled out of a horror comic and I just dig it. I am sure that there is easily a very dedicated fanboy or girl who can not wait to get one or both of these in their collection. Each of these figures is Target exclusives and will be available in-store October 15th. Pre-orders are already live and fans can find the Bad Guy doll priced at $29.99 here and the Go To Hell doll priced at $19.99 and here. Rock your collection by bringing one of these music videos to life.

"Billie Eilish In-Video Series collectible action figure based on her hit "All The Good Girls Go To Hell" music video. Billie stands 6" tall, is highly detailed, authentically decorated, features 18 points of articulation and comes with her 3 pivot point, back wings as featured in the video. Billie will come packed out in very eco-friendly closed box package that transforms into a dioramic display replicating the backdrop seen in the music video."

"Billie Eilish In-Video Series collectible fashion doll, based on her hit, "Bad Guy" music video stands 10.5" tall is highly detailed and fully poseable with 14 points of articulation. The doll is authentic to how she appears in the video featuring a life-like head sculpt and comes dressed in her signature yellow hooded sweatshirt and pants. Billie comes packed out in a very eco-friendly, closed box that transforms into a dioramic display replicating the backdrop seen in the music video."

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