ALF Ultimate Figure On the Way From NECA In 2022

ALF is one of the all-time great TV characters and a real, bonafide cultural icon. Though not much has been going on with the character in recent years, fans have never forgotten the cat-eating, joke-telling, favorite son of Melmac. Apparently, neither has NECA. Announced on their social media channels, they will have an Ultimate ALF figure in stores in 2022. Nothing is confirmed to be coming with the figure yet, but accessories shown off include popcorn, a sack of broccoli, radio equipment, and a cat sandwich. Perfection. Check it out below.

ALF Ultimate Figure On the Way From NECA In 2022
Credit NECA

ALF Gets The Figure He Deserves

"Happy 35th anniversary to our favorite Melmacian! This smart-mouthed Alien Life Form is our '80s spirit animal. The Ultimate ALF action figure crash lands on this planet in Spring 2022." said NECA in their post announcing the figure. The show ran for four seasons on NBC, a total of 99 episodes, with ALF being puppeted and voiced by Paul Fusco. The show also spawned an animated series, a talk show, and a TV film. Reboot talks have happened off and on for decades now, though one hopes they wouldn't actually do it. Fun fact: the character had his own Marvel Comics series that lasted for over 50 issues and was drawn mostly by Marie Severin.

This looks to be the ALF figure of our dreams. I was young when this show aired, so this is right in my wheelhouse. I remember crying and crying when the show went off the air; I carried around my stuffed ALF for weeks and wouldn't let him go. I wonder if I will feel the same about this NECA figure. No preorders yet, but you can bet we will let you know when it goes up. Look for the figure to release in the spring of 2022.

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