"Black Widow" Gets Exclusive Walmart Funko Pops [Review]

The Marvel Studios Funko Pops is my favorite series that Funko has to offer. They bring the films to life in a cheap and fun way that no one else does. Black Widow is the newest film to get collectibles from the company and two of them were Walmart exclusives. There have been a lot of delays with shipping lately but these two figures have arrived on time and we are ready to dive in. Black Widow and Taskmaster both got exclusive figures and they are up in our next Funko Pop review.

Black Widow Funko

First up is the leading lady, Black Widow. She is sporting a gray style outfit, one that we saw in the Black Widow trailer. The packaging is no different than the rest of the series besides the Walmart exclusives sticker on her.

The figure is a nice addition to the growing Black Widow collection. The mold is different from the rest from the hair design to the body sculpt. She is holding weapons in each hand and is posed in a nice powerful mold. Of all the figures released so far, this is one of my favorites.

Up next is, of course, the villain of the story, Taskmaster. This is the third Taskmaster figure to be released and this one seems to be based on Black Panther. I honestly love the design they gave him for his live action appearance in Black Widow. I hope we can see more Avengers poses of Taskmaster later on so he or she can have a set of their own. The packaging is the same as the rest of the series.

The figure seems to feature the same head sculpt from the others in the series. His body is posed with claws out and ready for action. The silver, orange, and blue colors still work really well with this design. Nothing is really special outside of the pose but its the pose that wins it over. We will know more about this mysterious figure once the movie finally drops.

Both of these figures are nice additions to the Black Widow Funko Pop line. You can find your own online and here. I am sure more figures from this line will come out once the movie drops and we get some spoiler Pops.



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