Mortal Kombat McFarlane Toys Figures Get Bloody Variants

McFarlane Toys has revealed some new bloody variant figures are heading our way this Halloween season. Coming out of their Mortal Kombat 11 7" figure line, three characters are getting some bloody makeovers. Up first is another addition to the Spawn DLC figure, but this time he is wearing his Blood Feud Hunter skin from the game. This white and blood splattered costume, which adds the perfect bloody effect that Mortal Kombat fans love. He will come with an axe, which is also bloodstained and is set to release in October. Coming up next is Baraka, who still has not has his normal figure release hit shelves just yet. Baraka is wearing his Mortal Kmbat Bloody Horkata skin that features white pants, blood splattered chest, and a bloody mouth. Last but not least is Raiden, who is sporting his Bloody White Hot Fury costume from the game. He is also wearing white and red with blood splattered effects all over him. One cool feature with Raiden is that his lightning effects have gone from an electric blue to a blood soaked red. Each of these designs adds an extra level of gore that the Mortal Kombat series is quite known for. The red and white outfits will really stick out in any collections and, of course, will just have figures for any fan of the Mortal Kombat series.

Mortal Kombat McFarlane Toys Figures Get Bloody Varaint

McFarlane Toys has been doing a great job with these variant designs for their figure lines. These bloody skins are very well done and add just the right amount of blood to show off their messy fight to the death. Spawn, and Raiden really shines here as they are both big differences from their usual costume. The red lightning effect is pretty badass and really enhances the white and red of his White Hot Fury costume. Pre-orders for these are not live just yet, but they are expected to release in October 2020. Fans will be able to find pre-orders for other Mortal Kombat 11 figures from McFarlane Toys located here.

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