Cobra Commander Reports for Duty With Hasbro G.I. Joe Replica Helmet

Move over G.I. Joe as it is time to hail Cobra with Hasbro's newest collectible. Cobra Commander comes to life with this exclusive replica helmet. The helmet will feature classic colors from the original Hasbro figure. The helmet will come with a display base and will feature the Cobra symbol at the base. Specific have not been given just yet but this helmet will be wearable and one size fits all. It is unclear if the visor will be see-through or a simple wearable replica. Only Hasbro has the answers to that but either way, it'll be a great addition to any G.I. Joe or Cobra fans collection.

This helmet is a very simplistic and looks like a cheap Halloween costume mask. Maybe we will see more during the Hasbro Pulse G.I. Joe live stream June 26th at 12:30 pm. We must be missing something as both Star Wars and Marvel Legends are very well done and perfect collectibles. The G.I. Joe Cobra Commander Repicla Helmet from Hasbro will be exclusive to GameStop and priced at $119.99. With a price tag like that you would expect there to bee added lights and sound or cartoon voice lines. This helmet has more questions at the moment one big one is will the helmet be see threw or just a wearable replica? Hasbro failed their replica line yet could we be missing a significant piece or their first dud? Cobra is expected to reign supreme in September 2020 and pre-orders are already live and you can find them located here. The recently revealed G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Replica helmet will also be a great companion piece as well which you can find here.

"With this wearable Cobra Commander helmet, every adult's collective inner child can proudly scream COBRA!!! Pre-order Now!"

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