Collectibles Corner: Here Is Our Holiday Haul This Christmas

The holidays have arrived, and that means gifts from loved ones, family, friends, and even yourself. This time I wanted to pick out some of the great gifts I got from my holiday to show what a collectibles writer asks for Christmas. Nothing crazy, I mind you, as to get great collectibles, one must pre-order or hunt when they most likely drop. So when the gift-giving season comes around its is really just leftovers, un-found items, or collectible is just haven't pulled the trigger on. So here are some of the amazing gifts that I was able to obtain this Christmas.

Up first is two amazing action figures from two great lines from Hasbro. From G.I. Joe Classified, Gung Ho is here and ready for action this holiday season. The G.I. Joe Classified one has been hot in 2020, so even any figure outside the first wave has been hard to find. Gung Ho will make a great addition to Joe collections this holiday as he helps takes down the villains Cobra from world domination. Speaking of world domination, the Hydra Trooper from the Marvel Legends Hasbro line also arrived. This troop building figure is nothing new but has been wanting one for quite some time. This simplistic figure comes in a small box and 2 guns, but it is packed with great articulation and detail. Whether you need enemies for the Avengers or any other figure out there, these Hasbro Pulse Exclusive figures are also for you.

That was it on figures, but the collectibles don't end there as I also got three amazing books. You can always appreciate extra knowledge for some of your favorite films and tv shows, and that is exactly what I got. Up first in our holiday haul is the Star Wars Legends story The Bounty Hunter Code. This book is by no means new, but it gives insight into Boba Fett's life (even if not canon anymore) and the ways of the bounty hunter. With the return of Boba Fett, no one knows what his future will holdan or if Disney will pull out some Legends stories to fill in the gaps. There is even a special booklet for members of Death Watch, which is pretty amazing due to The Mandalorian connection. Speaking of The Mandalorian, I also unwrapped The Art of Star Wars The Mandalorian talks about the pitch, concept pieces, interviews, and much more about the hit Disney + series. The Mandalorian is so popular that it is nice to explore deeper into the series, and this book does just that.

The last collectible I got in my holiday haul this year was one of my favorite, The Wakanda Files. This fascinating book gives fans a deep dive deeper into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Covering 22 movies, Marvel fans can know more about their favorite heroes from all of the Iron Man's suit of armor, to symbols of Wakanda, and even Spider-Man's web-fluid design, plus so much more. As a historian, each of these books is the perfect gift to relax and give greater knowledge to some of the coolest series imaginable. What did you guys and girls get this holiday season? Did you get that item you always wanted or finally treated yourself to that one collectible you've been hunting?

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