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But there's one scene that really stands out. Symbol Of Truth #1 Wakanda's place in the Marvel Universe is often a tricky one Isolationist, a monarchy rather than a democracy, it doesn't provide the best example of how things should be done, and makes for a problematic fantasy But why not? That's how tricky questions get asked[...]
Black Panther #3 Review: Unexpected Nuances
Credit: Marvel Comics While trying to recall one of the agents placed in deep cover, T'challa and another Wakandan agent called Omolola face-off with unnamed, masked assailants who can keep up with them in melee combat; this leads to a re-evaluation of the plan and a strategic retreat to the mutant refuge of Arrako, which has[...]
Krakoan X-Men
Gentle may not feel the same way… Which mirrors previous portrayals of Wakandan racism towards mutants Such as Gentle, currently up for membership of the X-Men. The decision not to have diplomatic relations with Wakanda bought by mutant drugs that most other nations had accepted.   Their decision to destroy the Krakoan doorway. And some barbed back-and-forths over sporting events.       But[...]
Marvel Comics
Who? Well, let's have a little Wakandan history lesson During Ta-Nehisi Coates' run on Black Panther, there were acts of revolution as anarchy fought against totalitarianism, in the state of Wakanda. This saw Wakanda turn from being an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, introducing democracy into the running of the nation. To some degree at least. In[...]
Black Panther #2 Review: International Intrigue
In Black Panther #2, the ghost of international intrigue haunts the nation of Wakanda as the sequestered land addresses a possible "Richard Armitage dropping a dime" situation threatening its intelligence officers in the world Given Wakanda's new transition to a parliamentary democracy, the new limits of his role as chieftain of the Panther Clan chafe[...]
Marvel Trademarks "Warriors Of Wakanda" For Comic Books
Marvel Characters Inc, the holding company for Marvel Comics intellectual properties, has filed a trademark for "Warriors Of Wakanda" for the use in comic book series. Warriors Of Wakanda is already a Black Panther Little Golden Book picture book from a few years ago, featuring T'Challa, Shuri, Okoye and other Wakandans But no such comic book[...]
Black Panther #1 Review: A Lane All His Own
Credit: Marvel Comics T'Challa is trying to have it all — serve as chairperson for the Avengers, open Wakanda up to parliamentary democracy, change the course of an intergalactic empire and maintain his protective nature over the kingdom Sure, it'd be a pretty interesting book if he could manage that, but of course, a loose thread[...]
Black Panther Legends #2 Review: Enthralling
Credit: Marvel Comics King T'chaka has been buried in Wakanda, and his teenaged son, the crown prince T'challa travels through the continent on a kind of vision quest to prepare himself for the throne Along the way, he gets robbed by some urchins, uncovers a plot, and works to better the lives of the forgotten[...]
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Who likes a fictional map? James Hill and Nick Jones have been creating a compilation of maps of fictitious locations in the Marvel universe, as Marvel Universe, Map By Map: An Atlas From Asgard To Wakanda for publication next month from DK Press And Bleeding Cool has a peek between the pages. Marvel Universe, Map By[...]
Last Annihilation Wakanda #1 Review: It’s Great
Now, in The Last Annihilation: Wakanda #1, a very different M'baku seeks to find a new path for the name that can be seen in a different light, and frankly, it's great. The Last Annihilation: Wakanda #1 Cover Credit: Marvel Through an ill-considered and somewhat problematic lengthy storyline, Wakandans time traveled and accidentally became gigantic jerks on[...]
Wakanda, Wiccan And Hulklking Join Marvel Comics' Last Annihilation
The Last Annhiliation event from the Guardians Of The Galaxy side of Marvel Comics concludes in September and, courtesy of Marvel's September 2021 solicitations, we learn that it will have two one-shots, The Last Annihilation: Wakanda by Evan Narcisse and German Peralta, and The Last Annihilation: Wiccan And Hulking by Anthony Olivera and Jan Bazaldua[...]
the falcon and the winter soldier
government could've given Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson's (Mackie) shield? Granted, losing partners the way he did will mess up anybody, and we're sure that wonderful ass-beating he got from Ayo (Florence Kasumba) and the Dora Milaje didn't do much to help that fragile ego. Image: Screencap Speaking of that moment, Marvel Entertainment spoke with Mackie, Stan, Kasumba,[...]
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The last leg of a globe-spanning mission comes to an entertaining penultimate chapter in Taskmaster #4 as the garishly clad mercenary drops from a high altitude into Wakanda, the world's most difficult nut to crack Were he there to steal vibranium, or state secrets, he would be in an enormous amount of danger and highly[...]
King In Black Black Panther #1 Review: Knuckle Up
King In Black: Black Panther #1 shows what happens when he sends his apparently endless forces towards Wakanda and Black Panther does his best impersonation of Gritty. King In Black: Black Panther #1 Cover Credit: Marvel The script by Geoffrey Thorne here truly sets this apart Whereas  King In Black Marauder #1  sidestepped the central conflict of the[...]
Black Panther Actor Michael B. Jordan Pens Tribute to Chadwick Boseman
Coogler will develop new series projects for the studio, starting with a drama based in the Kingdom of Wakanda for Disney+ "It's an honor to be partnering with The Walt Disney Company Working with them on 'Black Panther' was a dream come true As avid consumers of television, we couldn't be happier to be launching[...]