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That was the plan. Ultimate Black Panther #1 There was no presence for Wakanda among the previous Ultimate Invasion and Ultimate Universe from Jonathan Hickman and friends Lords of the Upper and Lower Kingdom reigned over the continent of Africa, but Wakanda has been hiding itself. Ultimate Universe #1 The map of the world shjowed a black dot for[...]
Marvel Comics
In the current Black Panther comic book written by John Ridley, T'Challa has been exiled by Wakanda, which is experimenting with turning itself into a modern democracy And with the final issue of his run, out today drawn by German Peralta, the usual pattern would be for the status quo to return in time for[...]
Marvel Comics
Today sees the publication of Marvel's Voices: Wakanda, focusing stories principally by Black comic book creators, on the heritage of the nation of Wakanda, the fictional home to the Black Panther, indeed as now established, a long legacy of Black Panthers before T'Challa And it's to his ancestors, former Black Panthers, that T'Challa turns for[...]
As we learn of Aja Orisha of Wakanda, one of the Balu-Aye mystical priests, who underwent a similar ritual. Aja Orisha leaves Wakanda, seeking her own journey, and ends up in New York in 1921, where she falls in love and has a child.   And it is then that Aja Orisha meets the Russian Revolution refugee Sergei[...]
Printwatch: Saga, Sins Of Sinisters,
No public cover yet. PrintWatch: Marvel Comics has a brace of second printings for the 15th of March, including Amazing Spider-Man #18, Bloodline Daughter Of Blade #1, Dark Web Finale #1, Miles Morales Spider-Man #3, Scarlet Witch #2, Silver Surfer Ghost Light #1, Sins Of Sinister #1 and Wakanda #4 No public covers yet, aside from[...]
Interior preview page from WAKANDA #5 MATEUS MANHANINI COVER
Welcome to our weekly comic book preview! This week, we'll be taking a look at Wakanda #5 from Marvel Comics Villains mess with Okoye's family in this preview of Wakanda #5 That probably wasn't a great idea. Joining me this week is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron LOLtron, what do you think of the preview?[...]
Interior preview page from WAKANDA #4 MATEUS MANHANINI COVER
Welcome to Bleeding Cool's preview of the upcoming Wakanda #4 In this preview, Tosin is killed, but don't worry, it was just a training exercise, so it counts even less than death in comics normally does! Joining me to discuss this preview is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron I've asked for its thoughts on[...]
Interior preview page from WAKANDA #3 MATEUS MANHANINI COVER
Welcome to Bleeding Cool's preview of Wakanda #3, in stores Wednesday from Marvel! In this issue, we see Killmonger go mountain-climbing in a bid to find a hidden city full of secrets Joining me for this preview is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron I ask for its thoughts on the issue, but I must[...]
Interior preview page from WAKANDA #2 MATEUS MANHANINI COVER
Opponents strongly object when M'Baku tries to unionize a vibranium mine in this preview of Wakanda #2. LOLtron, the management here at Bleeding Cool has paired me with you in hopes of "improving the overall tone and quality of my work," so though I know I will regret it, I am contractually obligated to ask: what[...]
We've already seen that Thorne's Riri Williams will have a large role to play in the MCU sooner rather than later (starting with this month's Black Panther: Wakanda Forever), and the Fall 2023 streaming series is expected to elevate Thorne and Riri to superstar status But we have more than Ironheart to update, with producer[...]
PrintWatch: Seconds For Miracleman, Kaya, Dark Ride & Miss Meow
There are also second printings for Star Wars: The High Republic #1 with an Anindito variant cover, Star Wars: Visions #1 with an Okazaki cover and Wakanda #1 with a currently uncredited cover Image Comics saw Kaya #1 and Dark Ride #1 sell out fast and go to second printings Titan Comics' Gun Honey Blood[...]
Interior preview page from WAKANDA #1 MATEUS MANHANINI COVER
The Rhino invades Wakanda in this preview of Wakanda #1… can Shuri stop him without her brother around? This comic wouldn't exist if the answer wasn't: yes! Check out the preview below. Wakanda #1 by Evan Narcisse & Stephanie Renee Williams & Paco Medina & Natacha Bustos, cover by Mateus Manhanini THE BLACK PANTHER IS NO LONGER WELCOME[...]
Bryan Edward Hill & Alberto Foche Tell Wakandan History in November
Black Panther: Unconquered will see Black Panther doing a little Wakandan archaeology and rewriting of Wakandan lore along the way. This fall, all eyes will be on Wakanda! In addition to John Ridley and Germán Peralta's current run on Black Panther and the upcoming Wakanda limited series, Marvel Comics will also publish a special one-shot in[...]
Wakanda Forever Namor Marvel Legends Pre-Orders Make a Splash
A lot of new reveals were showcased during SDCC 20202, including a new wave of figures for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever However, the wave does not only consist of Marvel Studios figures, as two Marvel Comics figures were also included in the wave One of which is the Hatut Zeraze, the deadly secret police of[...]
Marvel To Launch "Wakanda" In October 2022
This October, Stephanie Williams and Paco Medina will launch a new anthology limited series, Wakanda, telling stories from Black Panther's homeland, to be released ahead of the new Black Panther movie, Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever in November 2022 In the comic book series, T'Challa is no longer king of Wakanda, having been deposed and[...]
Wakanda Goes To War With Krakoa? (Black Panther Spoilers
Today's Black Panther sees T'Challa on the run from his own people, charged with murder, as Wakanda is in political turmoil With his pursuers instructed to shoot to kill Another day in international politics Which is why the arrival of Storm, Queen of the Solar System, and former wife of T'Challa is welcome… in the[...]
The Black Panther Finally Explains Why He Divorced Storm
Ororo moved to Wakanda and co-starred in the Black Panther comic, only returning occasionally to the X-Men. But then the Avengers Vs X-Men series came along and the Phoenix-empowered Namor did this: Deprived of justice against Namor by the X-Men, the Black Panther did the next best thing He declared the X-Men as the enemies of Wakanda,[...]
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But there's one scene that really stands out. Symbol Of Truth #1 Wakanda's place in the Marvel Universe is often a tricky one Isolationist, a monarchy rather than a democracy, it doesn't provide the best example of how things should be done, and makes for a problematic fantasy But why not? That's how tricky questions get asked[...]
Black Panther #3 Review: Unexpected Nuances
Credit: Marvel Comics While trying to recall one of the agents placed in deep cover, T'challa and another Wakandan agent called Omolola face-off with unnamed, masked assailants who can keep up with them in melee combat; this leads to a re-evaluation of the plan and a strategic retreat to the mutant refuge of Arrako, which has[...]
Krakoan X-Men
Gentle may not feel the same way… Which mirrors previous portrayals of Wakandan racism towards mutants Such as Gentle, currently up for membership of the X-Men. The decision not to have diplomatic relations with Wakanda bought by mutant drugs that most other nations had accepted.   Their decision to destroy the Krakoan doorway. And some barbed back-and-forths over sporting events.       But[...]
Marvel Comics
Who? Well, let's have a little Wakandan history lesson During Ta-Nehisi Coates' run on Black Panther, there were acts of revolution as anarchy fought against totalitarianism, in the state of Wakanda. This saw Wakanda turn from being an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, introducing democracy into the running of the nation. To some degree at least. In[...]
Black Panther #2 Review: International Intrigue
In Black Panther #2, the ghost of international intrigue haunts the nation of Wakanda as the sequestered land addresses a possible "Richard Armitage dropping a dime" situation threatening its intelligence officers in the world Given Wakanda's new transition to a parliamentary democracy, the new limits of his role as chieftain of the Panther Clan chafe[...]
Marvel Trademarks "Warriors Of Wakanda" For Comic Books
Marvel Characters Inc, the holding company for Marvel Comics intellectual properties, has filed a trademark for "Warriors Of Wakanda" for the use in comic book series. Warriors Of Wakanda is already a Black Panther Little Golden Book picture book from a few years ago, featuring T'Challa, Shuri, Okoye and other Wakandans But no such comic book[...]
Black Panther #1 Review: A Lane All His Own
Credit: Marvel Comics T'Challa is trying to have it all — serve as chairperson for the Avengers, open Wakanda up to parliamentary democracy, change the course of an intergalactic empire and maintain his protective nature over the kingdom Sure, it'd be a pretty interesting book if he could manage that, but of course, a loose thread[...]
Black Panther Legends #2 Review: Enthralling
Credit: Marvel Comics King T'chaka has been buried in Wakanda, and his teenaged son, the crown prince T'challa travels through the continent on a kind of vision quest to prepare himself for the throne Along the way, he gets robbed by some urchins, uncovers a plot, and works to better the lives of the forgotten[...]
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Who likes a fictional map? James Hill and Nick Jones have been creating a compilation of maps of fictitious locations in the Marvel universe, as Marvel Universe, Map By Map: An Atlas From Asgard To Wakanda for publication next month from DK Press And Bleeding Cool has a peek between the pages. Marvel Universe, Map By[...]
Last Annihilation Wakanda #1 Review: It’s Great
Now, in The Last Annihilation: Wakanda #1, a very different M'baku seeks to find a new path for the name that can be seen in a different light, and frankly, it's great. The Last Annihilation: Wakanda #1 Cover Credit: Marvel Through an ill-considered and somewhat problematic lengthy storyline, Wakandans time traveled and accidentally became gigantic jerks on[...]
Wakanda, Wiccan And Hulklking Join Marvel Comics' Last Annihilation
The Last Annhiliation event from the Guardians Of The Galaxy side of Marvel Comics concludes in September and, courtesy of Marvel's September 2021 solicitations, we learn that it will have two one-shots, The Last Annihilation: Wakanda by Evan Narcisse and German Peralta, and The Last Annihilation: Wiccan And Hulking by Anthony Olivera and Jan Bazaldua[...]
the falcon and the winter soldier
government could've given Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson's (Mackie) shield? Granted, losing partners the way he did will mess up anybody, and we're sure that wonderful ass-beating he got from Ayo (Florence Kasumba) and the Dora Milaje didn't do much to help that fragile ego. Image: Screencap Speaking of that moment, Marvel Entertainment spoke with Mackie, Stan, Kasumba,[...]
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The last leg of a globe-spanning mission comes to an entertaining penultimate chapter in Taskmaster #4 as the garishly clad mercenary drops from a high altitude into Wakanda, the world's most difficult nut to crack Were he there to steal vibranium, or state secrets, he would be in an enormous amount of danger and highly[...]