Cyborg Superman Comes to Earth as the Newest MAFEX Release

After the Death of Superman, it left a power vacuum for a new Number 1 to rise to the occasion. No one can possibly do what Superman has accomplished, but many did try to succeed him. Before the "resurrection" of the Man of Steel, a variety of Supermen arose which was shown in the comics and in the DC Comics Animated film Reign of the Supermen. One of those "heroes" was Hank Henshaw, who features and identical resembles our favorite Boy Scout due to his contact with Superman's birthing matrix and cybernetic manipulation. Medicom is bringing this Cyborg Superman back with their newts DC Comics MAFEX release.

Standing roughly 6" tall, the Reign of the Supermen villain capture both Superman and Cyborg details perfectly. Hank will feature swappable parts, including hands, hand blaster attachment, and 2 blaster effect pieces. Medicom showcases him in the classic Man of Steel costume with the Cyborg parts captivating the eyes of the collector. Cyborg Superman will have a poseable fabric cape and will be a must have villain for any collection. The Return of Superman MAFEX No.164 Cyborg Superman is priced at $104.99. This faker is set to release in May 2022, and pre-orders are already live and located here.

"MAFEX Cyborg Superman (Return of Superman) – Cyborg Superman from "Return of Superman" joins the MAFEX action-figure lineup from Medicom! He comes with an extra right arm packing a massive cannon, and his fabric cloak has a wire embedded in the hem for dramatic windblown poses! He also has a figure stand with a posing arm when it's time to take to the skies. Order him for your own collection now!"

  • Cyborg Superman figure
  • Alternate hand parts
  • Hand Blaster
  • 2 Blaster effect parts

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