The Batman Who Laughs Gets New Sinister Sideshow Collectibles Statue

The Batman Who Laughs is back once again as Sideshow Collectibles announced their newest DC Comics statue. The Dark Nights: Metal villain stands roughly 24" tall and is placed on a unique villainous Batcave base. This deadly Batman is packed with horrific and bloody detail that will make it stand out from other statues out there. The base shows Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood's carvings, showing a deadly twist on the Dark Knight's influence. The realistic sculpt design from the skin to the leather detail is breathtaking and it will captivate any fan of the Batman Who Laughs. Sideshow Collectibles does offer an exclusive version as well that gives collectors a secondary portrait and swappable hand. Both added pieces add fun and sinister detail to the overall statue, and it will be fun for any fan.

The is one statue that Dark Nights; Metal fans will not want to miss out on. It is packed with amazing detail that really makes it stand above other Batman Who Laughs collectibles out there. The Batman Who Laughs Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles is set to release in October and December 2021. The standard edition is priced at $575, while the exclusive gets a $595 price tag. Pre-orders for both are already live, and fans can find him located here.

"I am no dawn. No, you can call me… The Darkest Knight." Sideshow presents the Batman Who Laughs Premium Format™ Figure, escaping the Dark Multiverse to conquer your shelf of DC Comics collectibles. The Batman Who Laughs Premium Format Figure measures 24" tall and 14.5" wide, lording over a dilapidated Batcave base tinged with painted rust and blood details. Horrifying effigies of heroes like Red Hood, Nightwing, and Batgirl are carved into the cave beneath his boots, as a twisted tribute to the legacy of Bruce Wayne's mentorship. As a cruel combination of Bruce Wayne and The Joker, this intelligent villain is twisted beyond recognition by Joker toxin, turning him into one of the most ruthless sadists the DC Universe has ever known."

"The polyresin Batman Who Laughs Premium Format Figure features a fully sculpted costume inspired by his now-iconic appearance in the Dark Nights: Metal series from DC Comics. His flared coat is detailed with realistic leather-like textures, binding him in a bevy of belts, straps, and stitches that evoke a straitjacket motif. His arms are also wrapped in metal chains. True to his name, the Batman Who Laughs has his mouth thrown open wide in a wicked laughing expression that captures the madness and glee of the mind behind his spiked Dark Metal Visor.

The Exclusive Edition of the Batman Who Laughs includes multiple swap-out options to change up the deranged Bruce Wayne's unnerving appearance. Display the Darkest Knight with an additional axe-wielding left hand or his sinister second portrait, which features a bone-chilling smile, for a multiverse of presentation options. Dial into your collection's dark potential and bring home the Batman Who Laughs Premium Format Figure today!"

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