DC Comics Black Canary Lands at Sideshow Collectibles

Coming straight out of the pages of DC Comics comes Black Canary and her newest statue from Sideshow Collectibles. The premium format statue stands highly 21.5" tall and shows off this badass lady in style. She is preparing for her next fight, and she is someone you do not want to go toe to toe with. The DC Comics statue features Black Canary's comic book style costume with a black and blue Moto jacket along with real fabric fishnet leggings. Her athletic physique and her stunning beauty are captured perfectly in this statue, and it will easily please many DC Comics and Black Canary fans as she joins their collection.

Black Canary is an amazing DC Comics character that really needs her own time to shine. She is usually buried in with Green Arrow, Birds of Prey, and Justice League of America, and it's time for her to stand out. While this statue is not her own solo DC Comics story, it is her own solo appearance and will make a great collectible for any fan. The DC Comics Black Canary Premium Format Statue from Sideshow Collectibles is priced at $550. She is set to release it between November 2021 – January 2022, and pre-orders are already live and can be found located here

"Sideshow presents the Black Canary Premium Format™ Figure, a powerful addition to your DC Comics collectibles. The Black Canary Premium Format Figure measures 21.5″ tall, standing in a seedy back alley as she pulls on her gloves in preparation for a fight. The crumbling walls behind her are tagged with graffiti from the False Face Society, the notorious Gotham City gang that works for the villainous Black Mask. A purple glow permeates the pavement below, casting colorful shadows on her heeled boots and setting the scene for a metahuman brawl with this beloved Birds of Prey team member."

"The polystone Black Canary Premium Format Figure features a mixed media costume consisting of a sculpted black and blue moto jacket and leotard paired with real fabric fishnet leggings for an added degree of realism. Inspired by her modern DC Comics appearance, Dinah has a stunning blonde portrait with a cool and confident expression, gazing forward at her foes and holding back her iconic Canary Cry. Her athletic physique reflects her martial arts prowess, ready for any challenge that comes her way. Send a sonic burst through your DC Comics collection and bring home the Black Canary Premium Format Figure today."

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