DC Comics The Three Jokers Figures Coming Soon to McFarlane Toys

Batman fans were quite confused when DC Comics revealed that there was not one Joker but three of them running around. In August 2020, answers were finally revealed with a new story involving Batman, Batgirl, and the Red Hood. The story showcased three different Joker that captures different moments of DC Comics Joker history with The Criminal, The Clown, and The Comedian. The Criminal is based around the Joker's first appearance with a very dark and sophisticated style of humor. The Clown is the more gimmick depiction of the charier with clown-fish, chattering teeth and is the same Joker from Batman: A Death in the Family. Lastly, The Comedian is from The Killing Joke with the cruel and deadly humor that wants to torture Batman and everyone around him.

Each Joker played a role in the history of Batman and DC Comics, and McFarlane Toys is bringing the comic to life. As part of their DC Multiverse 7" figure line, a whole wave of figures is getting released with comic appearances of Batman, Batgirl, Red Hood, and all three Jokers! Images were released of each, which include:

DC Comics fans will not want to miss out on owning these awesome Gotham Knights and, of course, Clown Princes of Crime. The DC Multiverse line is very Batman focus, but Batman sells, and these are figures I can not wait to add to my collection. This marks the first non-exclusive and non-2-pack Red Hood that fans will be able to pre-order. Barbara Gordon will also be in a comic-accurate batsuit that will be a nice addition to add to the Bat-Family collection. We are also finally getting some accurate non-chaotic versions of Joker and Batman that will be perfect for any collection and a necessary piece for any Batcave. The DC Comics The Three Jokers DC Multiverse figure wave from McFarlane Toys are set to go up for pre-orders next week so be on the lookout here.

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