Deadpool Getting Special 10" Black Friday Funko Pops

Deadpool is wacky, crazy and definitely unique and a fan-favorite Marvel anti-hero. His comics usually fly off shelves and he has been quite popular since Ryan Reynolds has taken over the role. If you are a Deadpool collector like myself and you're looking for a way to spend your money this Black Friday then look no further as I have just the thing for you. It looks like Walmart will be getting not only one 10 inch Pop for Black Friday but five! Each one is different showcasing a different colored costume of Deadpool. First off we are getting normal Deadpool with his thumbs up and a gun in hand. We also are getting another version of that same mold with him in his X-Men outfit with the blue and yellow. That is my favorite coloring to come from the Funko Pops series of Deadpool and with the 10 inches, those colors are just going to POP here. Then we will be getting three different versions of the Deadpool with two swords. The first one is the original black and red normal costume that we have already see a normal size of and the next one being his X-Force black and grey costume. Finally, we will be getting a new coloring of Deadpool with a 10-inch gold-colored Merc with a Mouth 10 inch Funko Pop. 10-inch Funko Pops are definitely the trend this year with a wide variety of them coming out. It's no surprise to see Wade get this treatment but it's interesting to see them here only on Black Friday. So Deadpool fans you have something to hunt for this year with the new 10 inch Pop vinyl that is perfect for your collection.

The Funko Pop Deadpool 10 inch Pop Vinyl Figures will all be priced at $25 each. They will release on Black Friday so check your local Walmart. In the Walmart ad, it does say that there will be a minimum of only 12 per store so be on the lookout for that gold Pop vinyl because I feel like he will be the hardest one to find along with the X-Men's colored figure. Look for the at your local Walmart this Thursday and get ready for Black Friday because these Pops are ready to slice and dice your collection.

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Deadpool Getting Special 10" Black Friday Funko Pops
Credit: Walmart

Deadpool Getting Special 10" Black Friday Funko Pops

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