Doctor Who: Flux & Star Trek Models – Hero Collector April 2022

Bleeding Cool has a first look at the Eaglemoss/Hero Collector solicitations through Diamond Comic Distributors for April 2022. Doctor Who figurines and Star Trek space ship models over here, DC Comics hardcover graphic novels for the UK market there. We split them in two this month because ne'er the twain shall meet. And we begin with two figured from the Flux TV series of Doctor Who as well as a classic, as well as Star Trek ships from the new series of Discovery and for the first time, Lower Decks.

Doctor Who: The Figurine Collection #216 – Karvinista $19.95/£10.99

Doctor Who: The Figurine Collection #217 – Movellan

Silver-clad androids and gynoids with brain-like metallic hair, the Movellans kept their cybernetic nature a secret – lest other species learn to reprogram them to obey orders. Technologically advanced and militarily capable, the Movellans were powerful enough to wage war on the Dalek Empire – and very nearly won!

Doctor Who: The Figurine Collection #218: Swarm

One of the two Ravagers who fought the Time Lords in a war over the very nature of time, Swarm was trapped by the Doctor at the dawn of the universe. Freed at last, he fed on the life force of his captors and set out to reunite with his sister Azure – opposed only by the Thirteenth Doctor, whose memory of their ancient battles had long since been lost. Monstrously powerful, the Ravagers worshipped the embodiment of Time itself – who had been imprisoned by the Time Lords in the Temple of Atropos. They sought to release their god from its prison – regardless of the consequences to all of existence.


#1– USS Titan
RRP: $54.95/€49.99/£39.99
SKU: STLEN001, Barcode: 5059072093880
Material: Die-Cast & ABS Plastic
Model Length: ~230mm
Model Weight: ~208g
Print Spec: 20pp, 219x284mm
Product Description: A Luna-class capital ship, the U.S.S. Titan was the first permanent command of Captain William T. Riker, following his service aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. Alongside his wife, the empath Commander Deanna Troi, Riker led the Titan on a diplomatic mission of peace with the Romulan Star Empire after the death of their Emperor Shinzon. Though it was first mentioned in 2002's Star Trek: Nemesis – and starred in its own novel series, in which the Vulcan officer Tuvok also joined the crew – Star Trek: Lower Decks marked the first on-screen appearance of the U.S.S. Titan! A prestigious posting for any member of Starfleet, the Titan was the envy of the U.S.S. Cerritos – particularly Ensign Boimler, who desperately wanted a transfer. He got his chance when the Titan saved the Cerritos from an attack by Pakled Clumpships… though it didn't last long.


XL #30 – USS Prometheus
RRP: $79.95/€74.99/£59.99
SKU: SSSUK630, Barcode: 5059072045599
Material: Die-Cast & ABS Plastic
Model Length: ~260mm; Model Width: ~110mm
Model Weight: ~229g
Print Spec: 20pp, 219x284mm
Product Description: An experimental prototype designed for deep space tactical assignments, the USS Prometheus was a combat vessel far ahead of its time. The fastest ship in Starfleet at the time of its launch, it boasted regenerative shields, ablative armor, and even the ability to split itself into three independent, wholly functional sections – dubbed the "multi-vector assault mode". All this technology couldn't prevent a Romulan hijacking, however – and only the intervention of the USS Voyager's Doctor was able to avert disaster. Taking advantage of the prototype ship's holographic projectors, the Doctor – himself a living hologram – arrived aboard the Prometheus by way of transmission, and knocked out the hijackers with vented gas. This hand-painted XL model captures the Prometheus in precise detail, just as it appeared in the third season of Star Trek: Voyager.


#14 – USS Nog
RRP: $54.95/€49.99/£39.99
SKU: STPEN014, Barcode: 5059072046244
Material: Die-Cast & ABS Plastic
Model Length: ~205mm, Model Weight: ~100g
Print Spec: 20pp, 219x284mm
Product Description: An Eisenberg-class vessel fielded by Starfleet in the far future of the 32nd century, the sleek USS Nog survived the Burn that destroyed so many ships of its class. It served to help conceal the embattled Federation Headquarters, generating a distortion field large enough to obscure its location. The USS Nog was named for the Starfleet officer Nog – the first Ferengi to enter Starfleet, and a prominent figure on the Deep Space 9 station. A historical figure by the time of the 32nd century, Nog was remembered for his feats during the Dominion War won him lasting renown. Behind the scenes, the Eisenberg-class was named for Aron Eisenberg – the actor who portrayed Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

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