Funko Sadly Disappoints With Marvel Funko Fair Announcements

Marvel is easily one of the biggest franchises out there from its extensive line-up of comics, movies, and television series. When Funko announced that Day 4 was going to be dedicated to Marvel, I was beyond excited. However, that was not the case at all since nearly the entire event was ICYMI (in case you missed it) reveals with the re-announcement of Pops that fans can already find in stores as we speak. Starting the event off first was the re-announcement of their WandaVision Funko Pop wave. We have already acquired this wave ourselves, which collectors can check out our review for the entire wave (including Chase) here. We then got our first reveal with another GameStop exclusive Street Arts Pop with the one and only Stan Lee. This New York-raised legend does deserve his own spot in this lineup, but this could be a normal non-convention announcement. The miniaturized Funko game Marvel Battleworld game is up next with a new Frost Giant Loki edition, which is a cool design but another waste of the floor.

As Funatics wait to see what is around the corner, Funko decided to re-announce their Spider-Man: Miles Morales Pop wave. We have already seen Wave 1 of Miles Morales announced back in 2020, and this time we do get a second wave with new costumed designs. However, these Pops have been up for weeks now, including the exclusives; sites like Entertainment Earth and Hot Topic had these up for order since the beginning of 2021. The first big reveal started next with a new wave of themed cosplay Deadpool Pop Vinyls. From Dinopool, Barista Deadpool to Sherlock Holmes Deadpool, and more, your favorite Merc with a Mouth is back once again. For Deadpool fans, this is a real treat as they can now add more wacky costumes to their Marvel Comics collection. On the down side, it is not 2016 anymore, Deadpool is not movie popular anymore, and he has been quite distant in his comic book role. While we do get fun new Mystery Minis, Deadpool already has a huge assortment of Pops as it. Where is Alpha Flight, new X-Men, other unused characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

With the disappointment of Deadpool, Funko does get some brownie points with their next Funko Fair reveal: Infinity Warps. Infinity Warps is not new, as three Pop designs were released in 2020 exclusively to Walgreens. However, this announcement did add new characters, new molds, and special new glow-in-the-dark exclusives. Marvel fans might not know of the Marvel Comics Infinity Wars comic arc, but a new universe was created by one of the Infinity Stones that combined people together. These designs are pretty awesome, giving us combined heroes like Ghost Rider and Black Panther (Ghost Panther), Iron Man and Thor (Iron Hammer), and Scarlet Witch and X-23 (Weapon Hex). These designs are fun and unique that will provide some great collectibles for fans of both characters. Funko sadly continues their Funko Fair reveals with another ICYMI announcement of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Funko did reveal one new addition to the wave with a new Flying Falcon mold, but the rest are already out; we even have a review here.

Funko's final reveals were odd as their next announcement was Marvel Black Light themed Pop Sockets. I honestly would have rather seen new Black Light Pops than phone accessories; at least it would be something worthwhile. To end it all, Funko gave another ICYMI reveals featuring the odd Marvel Lucha Libra series with their Pops, keychains, and plushes. In the end, the whole event was packed with subpar reveals and ICYMI posts. Sure Deadpool, Infinity Warps, and one new Falcon Pop were revealed, but for a big franchise like Marvel Comics, that is sad. Fans were really expecting to be blown away with new Pop designs but were ultimately left unfilled. I am sure more Marvel Pops will surface at some point in 2021, but I would not dedicate an entire event to it just to recap your own releases. For fans that are curious, most of these Funko Fair reveals can be purchased or pre-order here.

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