Funko Funkoween Continues With the Cult Classic The Craft!

Funko continues to bring out the thrills and shrills with more Funkoween reveals. This time we are getting the official glams of the 1996 American supernatural horror cult classic, The Craft. This movie follows the tale of a new girl Sarah who just transferred to a new high school in Los Angeles. Who meets three outcasts named Rochelle, Nancy, and Bonnie who all have an interest in the supernatural. When they dive deeper into the world of the witchcraft and the supernatural they realize that every spell has a cost. We have seen these revealed at the London Toy Fair but with a lot of Funko delays and cancellation, it looks like these girls have made the cut. All four witches, Bonnie, Sarah, Rochelle, and Nancy are getting the Pop treatment in this wave. They are very detailed and are all shown in their school uniforms and we even get jewelry detail. These are Pops that will easily fly off the shelves and supernatural fans will want these girls in their collection.

The Craft is a unique choice for Funko to make Pop vinyls for but it is a welcome choice. The best part of Funko is their massive expanding roster of movies, television, games, and comic book characters. The Craft getting collectibles just shows that nothing is off limited and dedicated fans of these witches will be happy to add them to their supernatural-themed collection. All 4 of The Craft Funko Pops are all set as commons and are already up for pre-order already. They are all expected to drop in July 2020 and you can find all four located here. Stay tuned for more Funkoween reveals like the already announced Child's Play 2 10" Chucky, official glams of Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Edward Scissorhands BAM exclusive.

Funko Funkoween Continues With the Cult Classic The Craft!
The Craft, photo from Funko.

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