Let's Take a Look at Two New Funko Infinity War Pops

Funko and Marvel go together like peanut butter and chocolate, and their waves of Infinity War Pops were some of the most popular of the year. They snuck in two more quick releases before the year's end, and we are going to take a look today at the Thor Vs Thanos Movie Moment Pop, and their Hot Topic exclusive Infinity Gauntlet.

First, the Movie Moment. This is the coolest Thor Funko has ever done, let's get that out of the way first. The lightning effects raising him up off the ground, the suit he has on, the flowing cape. It all adds up to the best Thor ever. Thanos is cool too, with Thor's axe sticking out of his chest. The only thing that could make it better would be if his hand was raised into a snapping pose. The best part of this one? These are not bobbleheads! So refreshing to have Marvel Funko that are not bobbling all over the place, sometimes that ruins the way these will display. This one is a complete home run.

Also released exclusively at Hot Topic, the Funko Infinity Gauntlet is a bit of a mixed bag. It actually looks better with the dome it comes in taken off. If the dome was glass, that would be different. They couldn't do that and that is completely understandable. The Gauntlet itself is pretty cool. They did a great job recreating the one from Infinity War, and hey- the stones are in the right places so that's half the battle. I saw so many Gauntlets this year that screwed that up, it was crazy. This collectible just seems odd, just floating on the base and such. It is kinda boring. They did a good job on it, but it is not as fun as a Pop itself I guess.

Marvel Funko completists will of course need both of these, but if I was spending the money, I would say grab the Movie Moment before the Gauntlet. Is displays better and features two great sculpts. You can order each of these here and here.


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