Funko Marvel Cinematic Universe – Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Thor: The Dark World expanded the Thor mythos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie is not really a fan favorite but it got to show our favorite God of Thunder back in action which is always a treat. Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World really start to kick off the Funko game and while their waves are not big they are highly sought after and very popular in the Funko world. There are six of Funko Pops in total in this wave with three commons in three retailer exclusives. The thunder is calling us so let's not keep the gods waiting and deep dive into our next Funko Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

Funko really starts to shine with these lower numbered Marvel Funko Pops and Thor: The Dark World is no exception. Of course, the wave is pretty small but they picked some iconic characters from a friend and gave them that classic Pop treatment. For the commons, there are three with Thor, Loki, and a Dark Elf. They both feature that old school Funko Pop body mold that older fans love. The packaging is pretty nice with the Thor decal and an Avengers initiative logo on the back. Each character carries its own weight and has its own unique design even have all the bodies are the same. Ford lucky or obviously the spotlight characters in the film so of course we are getting collectibles for them. The Dark Elf is a nice surprise that features a new unique design that I'm really glad Funko decided to add to this wave. He is not the most Popular of the waves so it wouldn't be too hard to army build him if you wanted to.

We now move onto the Funko Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor: The Dark World retailer exclusives. In my hunt to complete the Funko MCU, these three were some of the hardest ones to find. The Funko App might value them at a certain number but they could not be found for that estimated price Of the three Funko Pops two of them are Thor and one is Loki. Thor and Loki got a special black and white variant in this wave with both getting different sellers. The Thor B&W is a Gemini Collectibles Exclusive and Loki got a Fugitive Toys Exclusive. Both were very hard to come by but they change the Pop enough to where they are something new and unique to add to the wave. The last retailer exclusives is a Hot Topic exclusive Thor with a helmet. This one is probably the most valuable of the series coming in at roughly $150. The design features the same body the common but shows him wearing his classic helmet as seen at the beginning of the Thor: The Dark World. While these exclusives are not much different from the commons they are amazing and worthy additions to this Funko Pop set.

We now have got to the part of this article where we want to take a look back at the Marvel Cinematic Universe film and see what other characters would be great additions to the Thor: The Dark World Funko Pop wave. Our standards are going off of how Funko is handling their newest stuff with a variety of the same character over the vast majority of the films. Like I mentioned previously in the Thor: The Mighty Avenger look back which can be found here there was a nice variety of non-Funko MCU boxes that got figures. Lady Sif, Heimdall, and Odin get their own Pops and while they don't share the Thor: The Dark World logo they do showcase than in their MCU appearances. Besides those three, some other characters we would like to see would be Frigga, The Warriors Three (again), Malekeith, and a couple of Jane Foster in different outfits. Jane Foster played a big role in this film as she got the ether put inside her. I'm surprised that she didn't even make this wave. However, each character plays a big role in the film in each one of them deserves their own Funko Pop treatment. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Thor will definitely want to get this entire set. Each one is beautifully sculpted and features that classic Funko design that fans just can't get enough of. All of these figures are vaulted but there is constantly new Marvel Funko's coming out including stores that fans can find located here. With the way that Funko has been handling their conventions, I would not be surprised if we saw at least a new Stan Lee cameo come ou for this filmt. Who knows what the future holds in the eyes of Funko, we just hold the Funko MCU continues.

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