Funko Reveals New Pops From Last Week's Episode of WandaVision

Funko is not wasting any time and has revealed three new Pop Vinyls are coming soon from the hit Marvel Disney+ series, WandaVision. Each of these Pops is spoiler from the last episode of the show, so you have been warned if you are not caught up. Up first is the villain reveal of Agatha Harkness, who has been messing with Wanda since the beginning. This friendly neighbor has shown her true colors and her intention in the last episode. Noticing the power of the "Scarlet Witch," Agatha wants to find out how to get it for herself. The Pop features the ending scene of WandaVision as Agatha heads to the streets with Wanda's captured children. The colors on the figure pop and this will be a must-have Pops for any WandaVision fan out there.

We then dive into the WandaVision After-Credits scene that shows off the newly resurrected Vision. Using some of Wanda's leftover magic and the Visions old body, it seems that S.W.O.R.D was able to bring this android back online. We can imagine nothing good will come from this, but it would mean that Wanda could actually be reunited with the one she loves. This WandaVision Pop is very well done with the amazing white color scheme and the captivating sculpt. Funko is also releasing a special Glow in the Dark exclusive version of this Vision to Walmart. With a blue glow, Marvel fans will not want to miss out on adding this Pop to their growing MCU collection. It looks like each of these Pops is set to release very soon, with April 2021 release dates for both Agatha and common Vision. Walmart Glow Vision is set to release in May, and pre-orders of him are live here; and the other two can be found online here.

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