Funko Reveals Wave 2 of Marvel Studios What If…? Pop Vinyls

Marvel Studios' new animated series, What If…? has been an absolute treat as it explores the newly discovered multiverse. I was a major fan of the season finale and can not wait to see what else the multiverse has to offer us. One thing that really shines about this series is how it captures different stories from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, showing us the movies we already know but with a twist. Funko has revealed a new wave of Pop vinyl figures will be on the way showcasing some spoilers from the first season of the series. From fan-favorite characters seen in the series to finale treats they were not able to show before, more of the multiverse comes home. Nine Pops have been revealed with 4 common and 5 retailer exclusives, with each carrying their own; these will include:

  • Stealth Suit Captain Carter
  • Infinity Killmonger
  • Frost Giant Loki
  • Gamora Blade of Thanos
  • Infinity Erik Killmonger (Funko Shop Exclusive)
  • Zola Vision (Target Exclusive)
  • Ravanger Thanos (Target Exclusive)
  • Armored The Watcher (Funko Shop Exclusive)
  • Infinity Ultron w/ Lance (GameStop Exclusive)

As you can see above, some of these exclusives are direct spoilers from What If…? like armored The Watcher, Zola Vision, infinity Erik Killmonger, and Infinity Ultron. Some of these designs are absolutely fantastic, and I am surprised we're getting not one but two Funko Shop exclusives. The Watcher will easily sell out as he is an iconic part of the What If..? storyline and a big part of the cosmic MCU landscape. Funko might get a lot of heat, but they truly are one of the best companies to deliver some excellent Marvel Studios collectibles. They dish out a lot of amazing characters (big and small) from throughout the movies and shows, and I really appreciate this wave of What If…? Funko Pops. From The Watcher to Infinity Ultron, and even the cool Stealth Suit Captain Carter, all of these Pop will be a necessary addition to you your Marvel Studios Pop collection. All of these are set to release by December 2021 with pre-orders that are already live, which can be found right here. Be on the lookout for the retailer exclusives as Target exclusives have already gone up here as well as the GameStop Infinity Ultron pre-order located here. There is no news on when we will see the Funko Shop Exclusives, but I can imagine we will see them in December as a mystery drop.

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