Funko Soda Brings Limited Edition Back to Collecting [Review]

Funko Soda is one of my newest obsessions and if you've been able to get your hands on your own you know why. These new collectibles from Funko are spectacular and are going to be a huge hit! We have already seen two figures already with Crusader Rabbit and Green Hornet which you can find here. This time we will be taking a look at Fred Flintstone and Frankenberry. A lot of people are curious where to get these cans and your best bet is online drops. I was able to lock down these two on HotTopic online during a late night drop that didn't last long. The value of them seems to be all over the place but with places like Hot Topic and BoxLunch we are seeing a $14.99 price tag. Enough talk of the cans, let's crack open a couple of Funko Soda Brews and see what we got!

Funko Soda Brings Limited Edition Back to Collecting [Review]

First up Frankenberry is taking a step away from his iconic cereal for some Funko Soda. His vinyl collectible is limited to only 7,500 pieces and like all the rest, he has a chase variant. His can is like the rest but features a pink styling with the text.

We did not get a Funko Soda chase this time but if you were curious, the chase is a chocolate version of the character. He is pretty awesome when I finally had him in my hand which I was surprised about. He is posed kind of odd but he has a vintage vibe to him that I love. The design of Frankenberry makes it seem like it is something you could have found in a cereal box and I dig it!

Fred Flintstone is next and he is also a 7,500 Limited Edition Figure. His chase version is a blue version of the figure that Funko has also make a Pop version of. If we are lucky we will get one of the chases. The can, like the rest, features a different color that suits the character.

The Fred Flintstone we got was the normal version but boy is he awesome. This vinyl figure is pretty retro styled and has a lot of character. These Funko Soda figures are all unique and carry this old school feeling with then and I think that's a huge factor of there popularity. The other factors like the chases and the limited edition status probably also help. Fred is shown with his classic outfit and with the can by his side it'll look nice on any desk or collection.

Funko Soda is a hit and many people might not know it yet. They are all hard to come by and with their growing list of figures and convention Soda Exclusives hitting now and coming soon. Each one packs it's own punch of character and is a pleasure to get. You can find a couple of Funko Soda figures still available online and are located here. Get yours while they still last before they vanish for good!

Funko Soda Brings Limited Edition Back to Collecting [Review]

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