New Funko Soda For The Shining, Cheetos, Pans Labyrinth, and More

Your Funko Soda collection is about to get a lot bigger as Funko announces nine new additions to their Soda line. These small cartoony, limited edition vinyl figures have been quite popular since their initial release. Whether it is due to the characters they make, each one has a limited edition or the fact that each contains the chance of a chase. Funko has given an official release for the figure with pictures, edition sizes, and pre-orders. Starting things off first is Jack Torrance from The Shining, who is getting a special 12,500 limited run. He will, of course, come with a chance of a chase, letting collectors get that iconic frozen look that is usually attached to this character's design. Crash Bandicoot is also joining the Funko Soda line, which is also getting a 12,500 wave, and his chase will feature a gold-painted variant. Following in next is for those Hanna-Barbera fans, Quick Draw McGraw is back and joining in on the Funko action with this 10,000 limited edition Soda vinyl. The chase variant will feature his alter ego El Kabong in all of his Zorro spoofed glory for dedicated fans.


The reveals continue as Funko moves forward with their new Marvel Lucha Libre series. Two new wrestlers enter the ring as El Arachno and El Furioso arrives and are ready to win. Both figures will have 15,000 runs in will both feature shiny metallic chase variants. We continue one with another two Funko Soda vinyls from the hit movie Pan's Labyrinth. The Faun is up first with his 10,000 limited edition Soda figure and will feature a very well done blue Chase variant. The spookiness continues as the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth is up next with a 12,500 run and will have a chase showing off his creepy hands/eyes pose. These last Funko Soda vinyl figures will really light up the night as every one of them will feature a special glow-in-the-dark variant chase. Lighting things up first is Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is the final TMNT member to be released and will get a run of 12,500 run and, of course, a glowing chase. Coming out of DC Comics, Martian Manhunter joins the Soda line with his 10,000 limited collectibles that will light up the night with his chase variant. Coming out of The Nightmare Before Christmas is Jack Skellington in his Vampire Jack costume, and he gets limited to only 15,000 pieces. He will feature a glow-in-the-dark chase, like mention, but will have a different head sculpt, adding something new for fans who get the chase. Our last Funko Soda vinyl figure is Chester Cheetah, Cheetos's mascot, who will get his very own 12,500 limited edition wave. His glow-in-the-dark chase will be slightly different as well as he will be holding a bag of his famous Cheetos that will really add some zest to your collection.

Each of these Funko Soda vinyl figures is very well done and will be fun additions to any fan's collection. The Soda line has been popular for quite some time, and I don't see that love ending anytime soon. Many different franchises and characters are being created that it opens up the doors for new collectors to jump on into all of the fun. I really love it when the Funko adds a change of design for the chase variant like we saw with Quick Draw McGraw. Of this wave of releases, I think my top three reveals would be Jack Torrance from The Shining, Quick Draw McGraw and his hilarious alter ego El Kabong, and Chester Cheetah, and all of his cheesiness. Each of these Funko Soda vinyl figures is set to release in March 2021. As usual, they will be priced at roughly $12.99 each, and pre-order are already live and can be found located here and here. What Soda vinyl figure are you looking forward to adding to your collection the most?

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