Gorilla Grodd Stands His Ground His New McFarlane Toys Figure

The DC Multiverse expands as McFarlane Toys and dives deeper into the timestream with its 7-inch figure line. They have covered so many parts of the DC Universe with movies, comics, TV shows, and now, video games. A while back, McFarlane Toys announce that the hit DC fighting game and Injustice 2 are making their way to their 7-inch figure line. Two figures were announced for the wave: The Flash and Gorilla Grodd; we also know that two more figures were recently revealed with (Hot Pursuit) The Flash and Dr. Fate. While we have yet to see a normal DC Comics version of Gorilla Grodd, this is one figure I was dying to pick up, and I was very pleased yet disappointed at the same time after opening him.

Gorilla Grodd is one of my all-time favorite villains for The Flash, and this was an easy pick-up for my collection. This bad boy's detail is truly incredible, with McFarlane Toys sculpting his golden armor with remarkable detail. However, after opening up this figure, I was slightly disappointed as some of the aspects are not what I was hoping for. Compared to other DC Multiverse figures, the size comparison was a little underwhelming, making him more monkey size rather than a mighty gorilla that he should be. He is sculpted with an open mouth design, and his jaw is not articulated, keeping Gorilla Grodd in a constant angry screaming pose.

However, the detail alone on his golden armor pulls away from these small sculpting issues, from the sculpted skulls on his shoulders to the etching on his chest and back. This deadly DC Comics villain comes to life right before your eyes, and even though the size is smaller, it fits well in any growing collection. When posed with Deathstroke and Bizarro, collectors can continue to build up the ranks of the Legion of Doom. It was an interesting choice to do Injustice 2 for the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse line. The game does feature a huge variety of amazing DC comics characters with interesting designs and a huge assortment of costumes. The Flash and Gorilla Grodd are two rivals that are perfect for releasing together, and Grodd is a figure that fans will not want to miss.


Whether you're trying to build your own Legion of Doom or you're looking for uncommon DC Comics characters to collect, then this is the one for you. McFarlane Toys has been Batman-heavy in the past, but it does look like they are expanding their roster, and I love these off-beat characters they are releasing. I'm excited to see Dr. Fate Injustice 2 later this year, giving us a member to start our own Justice League Dark team. For anyone who wants to add this damn dirty ape to their own collection, they can find him in stock here, and collectors can find other DC Multiverse figures here. Stay tuned for more up-close looks at other DC figures from McFarlane Toys, from the newest releases from Dark Nights Death Metal to the complete wave of The Last Knight on Earth.

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