Green Lantern Fights Dawnbreaker With New McFarlane Toys 2-Pack Set

McFarlane Toys is not done exploring the popular DC Comics storyline, Batman Dark Nights: Metal, with a new figure set. This time Green Lantern and the Dawnbreaker are bundled together in a special 2-pack set for fans. Coming in at 7" tall, Dawnbreaker already had a solo release, but this one features some modification to his suit. This set also features the debut of Green Lantern in McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse, which has been a highly demanded figure. The bundle will include Green Lantern effect attachments as well s a cosmic green base that will be able to display both figures in some dynamic action poses. The fight for the Earth finally comes to the Lantern Corps., and pre-orders for this set are already live and located here. Be sure to keep an eye out for other Versus 2-Pack sets with Red Death vs. Flash and Superman vs. Devastator.

"Hal Jordan's life was changed twice by crashing aircraft. The first time was when he witnessed the death of his father, pilot Martin Jordan. The second was when, as an adult and trained pilot himself, he was summoned to the crashed wreckage of a spaceship belonging to Abin Sur. Abin explained that he was a member of the Green Lantern Corps, an organization of beings from across the cosmos, armed with power rings fueled by the green energy of all the willpower in the universe. Upon his death, Abin entrusted his ring and duties as the Green Lantern of Earth's space sector to Hal Jordan."

"In DC's Dark Multiverse, on Earth -32, the green light of will has twisted an angry Bruce Wayne into something very dark and sinister. After the murder of his parents in Crime Alley, young Bruce is gifted with a Green Lantern ring, which allows him to fly and to generate deadly hard-light energy constructs. With no Alfred Pennyworth to guide him, he soon swallows his fear and pain and lets the void that remains corrupt him and the ring, unleashing a wave of darkness across his world, and now ours, as The Dawnbreaker."

Product Details

  • Showcases the menacing mashup of Green Lantern and Dawnbreaker based on their looks in Dark Nights: Metal
  • Figures designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play
  • Green Lantern comes with a Light Projection backpack and Light Projection boxing glove
  • Dawnbreaker comes with Light Projection bats
  • Pack includes Light Projection Base featuring rockets, tentacles, chains and many unique details to Green Lantern and Dawnbreaker
  • Includes two collectable art cards figure Green Lantern and Dawnbreaker figure photography on the front, and character biography on the back

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