Iron Man Mark 50 Infinity War Armor Comes to Life With Queen Studios

Coming out of the MCU blockbuster hit Avengers: Infinity War, Iron Man, is dining his Mark 50 armor set once again. Queen Studios has revealed another MCU statue with a beautifully recreate design straight from the film. An LED effect has been incorporated into the statue giving Iron Man fans a truly special collectible. Placed on a rubble base, Tony Stark is posed in a heroic stance as he prepares to battle Thanos on Titan, and hopefully, we will get a companion piece for this design later on. The Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man Mark 50 Armor 1/4 Scale Statue from Queen Studios are priced at $850. Pre-orders are set for specific counties, which fans can find located here. Be on the lookout for the massive Iron Man Mark 44 Hulkbuster statue also coming from Queen Studios to really bring your collection together.

"The Mark 50 is Stark's fiftieth recreation of the Iron Man armor and is the first battle armor he used to fight Thanos in Avengers Infinity War. The Mark 50 is incredibly durable. Despite being composed of billions of nanoparticles, the entire suit fits inside of a newly constructed, removable arc reactor. The armor can be completely re-shaped to the wearers will, allowing Stark to remove his helmet and materialize nano-booster wings for stabilized flight. It is the same system that allowed Tony to pry open Thanos' infinity gauntlet to stop him using the Infinity Stones."

"This 1/4 scale Iron Man Mark 50 is an exact duplication of the Mark 50 presented to us in the events of Avengers Infinity War. The Queen Studio teams have chosen to recreate Iron Man in his battle against Thanos on Titan. Stark's nano-booster wings are engaged, his palm repulor canons are aimed forward and he is stood on top of plinth which is designed after the debris from the battle. The face of the base holds the classic 'A' Avengers logo and Iron Man sports a classic red and gold color scheme with the addition of silver panelling."

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