Iron Studios Debuts New Marvel Comics X-Men MiniCo Figures

Iron Studios has revealed their newest Marvel Comics statues as they unleash the power of the X-Men. Eight statues will be released from the hit Marvel Comics comic series capture the mutants in their iconic 1990's costumes. Each figure has an animated design as they all stand roughly 8" high on a rubble base with a heroic pose. The eight X-Men that will be released for this set will include Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Rogue, Jean Grey, Beast, Psylocke, and Gambit. Once all united, collectors will be able to display them all together as they interconnect, giving Marvel fans one mighty X-Men family photo.

The additions of Gambit and Psylocke are nice additions giving us some uncommon X-Mansion members. These are not the usual MiniCo statues we see from Iron Studios, as it seems the massive head design has been modified this time around. I really enjoy this look, and I would really love to unite all 8 X-Men statues, which fans can start doing right here. Each Iron Studios X-Men Marvel Comics MiniCo statue is priced at $39.99, except Jean Grey, who comes in at $44.99. They are expected to release between April – June 2022, giving collectors plenty of time to save up and buy each one of these beauties for their mutant collection.

"Iron Studios proudly presents its first MiniCo line of Marvel's most beloved mutant superheroes, the X-Men, one of the most requested series by fans and collectors, in Iron Studios' stylized Toy Art version. The collection is based on the design of comics from the 1990s, one of the most popular and cult phases of the group, with a diorama scenario of the heroes on top of a scrap of a Sentinel Robot, one of their classic enemies, and explores the most striking traits of each of the eight characters that complete the entire diorama."

  • "Cyclops – X-Men – MiniCo – Iron Studios" features the hero showing all his strength by leading the group.
  • "Wolverine – X-Men – MiniCo – Iron Studios" advances ready to jump against any threat, and as he always says, he is the best at what he does.
  • "Storm – X-Men – MiniCo – Iron Studios" features Ororo Munroe flying with the winds that she can control and a small sample of her power in the palm of her left hand.
  • "Jean Gray – X-Men – MiniCo – Iron Studios", the powerful X-Men telepath levitates with her telekinetic power over the remnants of a defeated Sentinel Robot's head. In her raised right hand, she creates a small cosmic firebird, the avatar of her Phoenix Force.
  • "Beast – X-Men – MiniCo – Iron Studios" features Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy, focused on reading a book while enjoying a relaxing hot beverage in his personalized mug.
  • "Gambit – X-Men – MiniCo – Iron Studios" and "Rogue – X-Men – MiniCo – Iron Studios" are doing one of their favorite pastimes: flirting!
  • "Psylocke – X-Men – MiniCo – Iron Studios" rests on the rocks of a battlefield, with her Katana sword at her feet, creating, with her psychic energy, an Origami form of a classic Tsuru lucky bird.

Check out Iron Studios' friendly line of X-Men MiniCos. The items are sold separately and are already available for  Pre-Order!

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