Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect – The Legendary Unreleased Ultimasaurus

In 1998, Kenner decided to force the idea of a new animated series out of the remnants of The Lost World: Jurassic Park. This series never got picked up, but it did come out with a couple of products before being canceled. We have already covered the badass card backed figures here, the bigger dinosaurs like the Omega T-Rex here, and we even reviewed the Compstegnathus here. This time though, we are diving deeper into the lore of the Jurassic Park Chaos Effect with the most elusive, dangerous, and mysterious dinosaurs of them all; Ultimasaurus. 

Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect - The Legendary Unreleased Ultimasaurus
Credit: Kenner

The Ultimasaurus was the highlight of the figure line, and a big selling point of the "Genetically mutated dinosaurs gone bad." As seen above, the figure has its spotlight in an ad before the figures launch in 1997. The character can be seen on the back of the carded figures, and the Ultimasaurus name can be viewed in multiple Jurassic Park Chaos Effect dinosaur bios. The dinosaur was the ultimate predator as it was the genetic combination of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, and Ankylosaurs. The monster features a black/grey body, a T-Rex styled red skull with Triceratops horns, black-armored Ankylosaurus back with spiked tailed, and red clawed Raptor feet. The dino was the size of other larger dino predators of Kenner's Jurassic Park series. The Ultimasaurus has a removable back piece to show dino damage and moving attack jaws and claws. 

This figure would have been the ultimate toy for Jurassic Park fans, but sadly it never saw the light of day. Pictures of the dino have were uncovered in a Jurassic Park product catalog before the product launch (above). Even some prototype pictures of the deadly dinosaur have been found, but it never was produced. It is honestly a mystery as to why this highlighted piece of the Jurassic Park Chaos Effect line was not created. Rumor is though some of the Kenner Ultimasaurus have made it out of the factory, and very few can be located on third-party retailers like eBay. The Ultimasaurs is the ultimate collectible and one of the most elusive figures in the entire Jurassic Park toy line. This doomsday dinosaur deserves to be uncovered once again, and Hasbro should revisit the Chaos Effect line entirely. This beast recreated with today's toy technology would be a true masterpiece. The Indominus Rex might need to move over as there his a new alpha in the Jurassic Park world.

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