Jurassic Park Chaos Effect: The Omega T-Rex and the Big Box Dinos

It begins in 1997 where we were given the sequel of the hit film Jurassic Park with Jurassic Park: The Lost World. The film showed off a new world of these newly escaped dinosaurs and how they took back the land after the events of the first film. However, this only started the amazing mythos of the world of dinosaurs and in 1998 Kenner tried to build their own. They created the amazing toy line called Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect which had an end goal of a possible animated TV series. The story of this Kenner toy line was scientists have gone mad and created mutated dinosaurs from a variety of different dinosaurs. The cartoon was scrapped but some of the figures still were created and sold. These Frankenstein beasts make up the Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect line and they are delightful. We have already talked about 10 card backed smaller dinosaurs which you can view here. However, there were 4 other mutants that were too big to contain and these beasts are bigger, badder, and more dangerous.

  • Paradeinonychus: A dinosaur created blending the DNA of Parasaurolophus and Deinonychus.
  • Velociraptoryx: A mutant created by mixing pure Velociraptor DNA with Archaeopteryx DNA.
  • Omega T-Rex: A genetically advanced Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Thrasher T-Rex: A genetically advanced Tyrannosaurus. Similar to the Omega T-Rex.

These boxed Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect figures usually dealt with bigger dinosaur DNA. The first two are looking at is two new sculpts that Kenner brought to light for this series. The Paradeinonychus and the Velociraptoryx are the "smaller" pair of these figures. Both feature electronic components with a triggered roar or shriek. They are brightly colored and very well designed for being "made-up" dinosaurs. Both are sharing similar DNA to the Velociraptor making them quite deadly predators. Going off of our recent Compstegnathus review, we can imagine that these will all have not much movement in the body. These basic dinosaurs movements seem pretty standard for their time but it is the design and story of these Frankenstein monsters that is the most intriguing.

The last two Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect dinosaurs are simple repaints from The Lost World toy line. First up is a repainted Thrasher T-Rex, however, this has been a genetically altered T-Rex. This dino has bright green and blue coloring from accelerated pigment coloration which was known to be a side effect from the mutation. Rex is also modified to be a better hunter and has upgraded muscles to be stronger and faster than its original doppelganger. This figure is quite rare, even loose figures range between $100 and 200 on eBay. That is nothing compared to our final beast though who is still valued between $500-$600 and one of the rarest of Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect; The Omega T-Rex. This figure is a simple repaint of The Lost World Bull T-Rex but is highly sought after. Unlike the Thrasher Rex, this one is bigger, stronger, and more orange. This blue and orange colored Rex is considered the deadliest of its kind. This is a purebred Tyrannosaurus Rex, as no filler DNA was used and has no weakness like the original. This figure even includes a caged person which can even be eaten by the Omega T-Rex. At the time, the Omega T-rex was the biggest dinos to be made for the entire Jurassic Park toyline. This would explain its rarity for toy collectors as it truly was a unique specimen and worthy mutant.

This is the ultimate collectible for Jurassic Park fans. Each one of these figures is unique to the time and carries its own story with it that can intrigue any JP fan. These bigger dinos are big, scary, and filled with thrills. This is a toy line that Hasbro should revisit and give us more articulated and detailed versions of their originals. The Velocirapteryx has a great design that if we could get it modernized, it would be something truly special. Hell, the Omega T-Rex is still getting sold for $500 and up so the fandom is still there for the line. Not only will the Omega be a beast in your collection but it dominates the figures line. Even in the description of the figure, they state that it is the, "most dangerous animal to have ever lived, even more, dangerous than Spinosaurus, and only matched by the Ultimasaurus." The Ultimasaurus is something to fear and one of the rarest figures in teh line so stay tuned to find out more…

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