Jurassic Park III Male Velociraptor Joins Mattel's Hammond Collection 

The park continues to grow, and that is the Jurassic Park Hammond Collection that is from Mattel. This glorious line of collectibles brings the world of the Jurassic Park film to life in a fantastic 3.75" format. We have mostly seen characters and dinosaurs from the first trilogy of films, and more have arrived! Some new pre-orders have arrived for the next wave of Hammond Collection figures outside of the main Target exclusive release we have been seeing. Only one single image has been revealed so far, but that is all we need as the Velociraptor from Jurassic Park III is on the hunt. 

The Velociraptor is one of the more popular dinosaurs and figures from the Jurassic Park Hammond Collection. During the first release, the first parks classic raptors were flying off the shelves, and now a new wave will arrive with the Male Velociraptors from the third film. An updated deco will be featured, as well as a slightly updated head sculpt. The figures are packed with detail and articulation, so these are one Jurassic Park toy you will not want to miss out on. The JPIII Male Velociraptor is priced at $14.99, set for a November 2022 release, and pre-orders are live here. 

"Discover the thrills and adventure of the Jurassic World franchise captured in The Hammond Collection, named for Jurassic Park's founder and setting a new standard for dinosaur collectables. The movie-authentic, highly possible design representing the Velociraptor from the Jurassic Park III movie is sure to delight collectors. This figure has incredible attention to decoration, with 14 points of articulation including foot joints and posable wired tail. Built at 3.75 inch tall human figure scale, this Velociraptor (Mile) is ready to go on the hunt for premium collectability status, posing next to other dinosaur and human figures in the collection."

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