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Jurassic Park Clever Girl Velociraptor Statue Arrives at Iron Studios

The hunter becomes the prey as Iron Studios unveils another amazing statue from the hit film Jurassic Park. Coming out of a very intense scene, Robert Muldoon is tricked by the deadly Velociraptors after the fall of the park. His last words are "Clever girl" as he meets his end by the ferocious beast and Iron Studios brings that scene to life. Standing roughly 9.9" tall, the statue is created from original movie references to give fans an accurate depiction of the deadly dino. Both Robert Muldoon and the Velociraptor is sculpted beautifully with high attention to detail, from his outfit to the skin of the raptor.

Iron Studios has been making some remarkable Jurassic Park statues, and this one really shows it. It captures one of the intense scenes from the film, and the team just nailed it perfectly with the detail and design. The Jurassic Park Clever Girl Deluxe Art Scale Statue from Iron Studio will be priced at $259.99. The statue is set to release in September 2021, and pre-orders are already live and can be found located here.

"Iron Studios presents the great hunter Muldoon in the clutches of a "Clever girl …" Robert Muldoon is the great hunter, played by Bob Peck in the film "Jurassic Park", where he is responsible for the security of the complex on Nublar Island. From the beginning, Muldoon expressed great concern regarding the Velociraptors, especially after one of his workers was killed by one of the animals during the transfer of cages. Although John Hammond finds him a little alarmist, Muldoon knows the Velociraptors better than anyone, and promptly describes to Dr. Alan Grant the intelligent and cruel behavior of these creatures."

"During the incident in the assessment of the park on Nublar Island, without electricity, which caused the electric fences that contained the animals to stop working. Muldoon and Dr. Ellie Sattler rescue an injured Ian Malcolm after a T-Rex attack. Then, gathered in the control room, they decide to turn off the main switch in the energy deposit, to restart all systems, and try to regain control of the park. When Muldoon and Ellie seek to perform such a task, the hunter soon realizes that he has become the hunt, and orders Ellie to run to the warehouse while he stands to protect her. When he finds one of the raptors, determined to eliminate them all, he fixes his sights on the animal when suddenly another one emerges from the bushes beside him. Shocked and horrified, but also impressed by this element of surprise, the great hunter Muldoon's last words are "Clever girl …" seconds before the ferocious female Velociraptor leaps on him."

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