Justice League Batfleck Gets Life-Size Bust from Queen Studios

Queen Studios has officially announced and released pictures and details for their upcoming life size Batman bust. The bust comes in at 30" tall and shows off Ben Affleck's portrayal of the iconic caped crusader. He is highly detailed and features his Justice League suit and a grim Gotham City base. His jawline is made out of a silicone base and was manually hand rooted for that stubble effect. His symbol is bold and massive on his chest and would be a great centerpiece to any growing Batman fans collection.

The skeleton display base is an interesting idea for the dark knight in general. They could be pulling from the grim nature of this live action Batman, which would justify the reaper. There is no cape on this bust either, which is fine with me as it would only get in the way sith displaying and it doesn't need that added accessory. This is my favorite Batman and I love every aspect of this collectible with the costume design, life like features, and the reaper base. The life-size Batman statue from Justice League is set to release between April and June 2021. He is priced at a whopping $1,679.99 and pre-order links are already live and can be found here. Don't forget to also check out the life-size Superman bust coming soon from Infinity Studios too here. Both of these statues displayed side by side would be a perfect addition to any dedicated fans collection.

Justice League Life-Size Batman Statue from Queen Studios.
Batman Life-Size Bust, photo from Queen Studios, batsignal view.

"From the 2017 film Justice League, Queen Studio presents the life-size bust of Ben Affleck's Batman. Sitting just over 30 inches tall, Batman's cowl is made of polystone, his strong jaw is made of top-grade silicone with a rooted stubble, and his eyes are made of glass. Batman's brows are tightly closed, and his lips are firmly pursed together, almost scowling, his suit is also incredibly detailed with clear and delicate lines creating a look and feel akin to the movie. The base of the bust ties the whole piece together with a Gothic-style and dark beauty."

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