Lord of the Rings Escape from The Road Statues Hits Weta Workshop

Bring one of the terrifying moments of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring with Weta Workshops' newest limited edition statue. Limited to only 500, our favorite Hobbits have escaped the Shire but with evil lurking just around the corner. Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin are back with this faithfully recreated scene in statue form as a Ringwraith nears. Each statue is hand-painted and crafted with elegant detail, bringing the intense scene to life and putting it in dedicated The Lord of the Rings fan's homes. This Masters Collection statue took near 3000 hours to finely capture all of the fine details from casting, molding, painting, and so much more, giving fans a must-have centerpiece. The Lord of the Rings Escape off the Road Statue from Weta Workshop is a pricey statue coming in at a whopping $2,399, but payment plans are available. Pre-orders are already live here with the statue set to ship by Q2 of 2022.

"Hoping to sneak out of the Shire, Frodo and Sam cut across the countryside, only to find themselves entangled in the escapades of Frodo's cousins Merry and Pippin. One near miss with an angry farmer and a shortcut to mushrooms later the four Hobbits find themselves on a shaded trail collecting tasty fungi when Frodo is overcome by a sudden need to get off the road."

"No sooner have the Hobbits scurried over an embankment and sought shelter beneath the eroded roots of an old tree when a tall, black-robed figure emerges from the mist. Dismounting its midnight horse to sniff unnaturally at the air, the stooped, black-cowled creature sweeps this way and that, drawn inexorably toward the huddled Shirelings. Dropping to its knees, steel-gauntleted hands groping, the faceless wraith looms over them. Around the Hobbits' hairy feet, the ground writhes with worms and other small creatures seeking to escape its terrifying presence. As the figure closes in upon them and its shadow threatens to swallow all hope of escape, Frodo falls into a trance, the Ring around his neck calling to him, his finger edging ever closer to the promised safety of the magical golden band…"


  • Limited Edition;
  • 1:6 scale statue;
  • Made from high quality polystone;
  • Sculpted by Middle-earth masters Brigitte Wuest and Gary Hunt;
  • Sculpted using both physical and digital techniques;
  • 360° diorama depicting the Hobbit's first encounter with the forces of evil.

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