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The Lord of the Rings Saruman the White Comes to Weta Workshop
Weta Workshop is back with yet another incredible statue as part of their The Lord of the Rings collection This time Saruman the White is back and is sitting on his black throne, standing roughly 3 feet tall The massive statues showcase the Dark Wizard with two removable lamps, Saruman's staff, as he holds the[...]
Lord of the Rings Lady Galadriel Glass Phial Arrives At Weta Workshop
Weta Workshop takes us back to Middle-Earth once again with another incredible collectible from The Lord of the Rings Given to Frodo Baggins from Lady Galadriel is a glass phial that contains within it special water from Galadriel's fountain This magic within has caught the light of Eärendil and Elven star that will help light[...]
Zack Snyder’s Justice League Knightmare Joker Hits Weta Workshop
We return to the Knightmare world once again as Weta Workshop unveils their next Zack Snyder's Justice League statue The statue will take collectors into the distant future where Superman reigns supreme, and it's up to an unlikely band of heroes and villains to stop him I doubt we will ever see theta Batman Nightmare[...]
Lord of the Rings Escape from The Road Statues Hits Weta Workshop
Bring one of the terrifying moments of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring with Weta Workshops' newest limited edition statue Limited to only 500, our favorite Hobbits have escaped the Shire but with evil lurking just around the corner Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin are back with this faithfully recreated scene[...]
Weta Workshop Reveals Lord of the Rings Bilbo Baggins Statue
The Lord of the Rings fans is in for a real treat as Weta Workshop reveals their newest statue featuring Bilbo Baggins This 1:6 scale statue shows off the adventurer Bilbo Baggins in his study while in his Hobbit Hole in Bag End This piece is a celebration of the 20th Anniversary of The Lord[...]
Tomb Raider Explores A Forgotten Time With Weta Workshop
The legendary video game series, Tomb Raider, lives on as Weta Workshop has revealed its newest statue We return to The Lost Valley as Lara Croft comes across not one but two Raptors The statue is here to celebrate 25 Years[ of Tomb Raider and the adventures of Lara Croft This statue features high amounts[...]
Superman Gets 1,000LE Black Suit Statue From Weta Workshop
The black suit trend continues as Weta Workshop unveils another new statue from the phenomena of Zack Snyder's Justice League Limited to only 1,000 pieces, Superman is back from the dead with another amazing statue capturing the new black suit costume design The 1:4 scale statue was digitally sculpted from 3D film films from Zack[...]
Zack Snyder’s Justice League DeSaad Arrives From Weta Workshop
Zack Snyder's Justice League fans can now bring DeSaad home as Weta Workshop reveals their newest 1:4 scale statue Standing roughly 21" tall, this New God is proud to serve Darkseid in any way that seems fit, and this statue captures that. This powerful villain will make a fearsome collectible for any fan of the Snyder[...]
Darkseid Comes To Weta Workshop From Zack Snyder’s Justice League
The newest release brings one of the new big bad's from Zack Snyder's Justice League to life thanks to Weta Workshop The company has unveiled Darkseid as their newest release with their highly detailed, 1:4 scale statue that is limited to 6000 pieces. Standing 23 inches tall, Darkseid is digitally recreated from the original film files[...]
New Lord of The Rings Witch King and Frodo Statue from Weta Workshop
A New Lord of the Rings statue that been created by Weta Workshop brings one of the first film's iconic scenes to life At the top of Weathertop, our hero Frodo almost meets his end with his encounter with the Witch King Weta captures this moment with a 16" tall statue that fans will not[...]
Lord of the Rings Saruman the White Statue from Weta Workshop
Weta Workshop has announced a new miniature figure is coming from their Lord of the Rings line This time they are getting up close and personal with Saruman the White Portrayed by the late Christopher Lee, this wizard in white was once one of the greats but he was betrayed by the thoughts and his[...]
The Hobbit 2A Hill Lane Hobbit Hole from WETA Workshop
WETA Workshop is giving fans and collectors the ability to bring home of the most peaceful place from the world of Lord of the Rings That's right, The Shine has been miniaturized and sculpted to perfection with some new collectibles Pre-order for three of the upcoming landmarks from The Hobbit has recently gone live The[...]
Collectibles Perfect for Gamers This Holiday That Bring the Action
Pick your favorite character put on your holiday lists and maybe Santa will bring it to you. #gallery-3 { margin: auto; } #gallery-3 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-3 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-3 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: Weta Workshop Credit: Weta Workshop Credit: Weta Workshop Credit: Weta Workshop All of these figures are perfect for you to add[...]
Gandolf and Frodo Head to The Shire in Weta Workshop Statue
That is until now as Weta Workshop has announced a new Gandalf and Frodo on a cart from The Fellowship of the Ring statue First off it is the note and the statue is only 350 pieces so it is extremely limited edition The statue showcases Gandalf and Frodo on their cart ride to the Shire from[...]
"Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance" Gets a Statue from Weta Workshop
Take your fandom and love for the series to the next level with Weta Workshop's newest statue Princess Brea daughter of All-Maudra Mayrin is getting her own 1/6 scale statue The statue stands 7 inches tall it has a faux-stone base featuring designs inspired by the three suns of Thra The statue solidifies the style[...]
Umbrella Academy Funko are Coming Soon from Funko 
Weta Workshop brings us three legends statues in their Figures of Fandom series Pathfinder, Wraith, and Lifeline are ready for action These statues are PVC and roughly 9" tall Each one is based on their Apex Legends character designs for the main costume and the base is unique to each of their abilities[...]
All You Can Eat Prawns with WETA's District 9 Board Game!
Weta Workshop is pulling out all the stops with their latest Kickstarter campaign, a brand spanking new board game based off of Neill Blomkamp's 2009 blockbuster, District 9. //Credit: Weta Workshop While some of you might be wondering why anyone would want a game based off of a 10 year old movie, you might want to check out[...]
Come Visit Tracy Island – Thunderbirds Are Go
Come, visit Tracy Island. The world of Thunderbirds Are Go, Tracy Island, miniature sets and craft have been lovingly made by none other than WETA Workshop – the model makers behind Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit and Avatar The series music has been specially composed by Ben and Nick Foster, best known for their work[...]
"Calling International Rescue" – Thunderbirds Are Go Teaser Trailer
The series is being done with effects by Weta Workshop and lead by actress Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) as Lady Penelope and David Graham from the original series reprising his role as Agent Parker. Along with the teaser trailer came the release of their new website. [youtube]http://youtu.be/T98fwuR2MDk[/youtube] 49 years after the original series debuted – guess they[...]