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Lord of the Rings Escape from The Road Statues Hits Weta Workshop
Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin are back with this faithfully recreated scene in statue form as a Ringwraith nears Each statue is hand-painted and crafted with elegant detail, bringing the intense scene to life and putting it in dedicated The Lord of the Rings fan's homes This Masters Collection statue took near 3000 hours to[...]
Explore Middle Earth With Lord of the Rings Build A Bears
There iconic character from the film is arriving in bear form with Frodo, Gandalf, and a Gollum companion Both Frodo and Gandalf get simple brown bear pushes but will ahem new themed outfits straight from Middle Earth To make things even better, both the Lord of the Rings plushes will have sound boxes with 5[...]
The Lord of the Rings Comes to SDCC With New Diamond Select Figures
Gollum and Frodo are bundled together and feature unique deco, making them stand out compared to your other figures Frodo will receive a translucent deco as he goes invisible after wearing the one Ring of Sauron Gollum, on the other hand, is shown quite irritated as it seems someone has seemingly stolen his PRECIOUS These[...]
New Lord of The Rings Witch King and Frodo Statue from Weta Workshop
At the top of Weathertop, our hero Frodo almost meets his end with his encounter with the Witch King Weta captures this moment with a 16" tall statue that fans will not want to miss Frodo and the Witch King are highly detailed and they bring the mist and ghostly dimension to life here Originally[...]
Lord of the Rings Geeki Tiki from Toynk
This time there are three new Geeki Tikis ready to hit your hands featuring Gandalf, Golem, and Frodo The Gandalf mug will have a nice grey glossy look and will hold 18oz There are two different versions of Frodo and Golem as the first one area hold 14oz There is a secondary mini tiki mug[...]
Iron Studios Lord of the Rings Minico Statue Frodo Baggins with backgroud, photo from Iron Studios Golem
Three iconic LOTR legends are back as Frodo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, and Golem are ready for collectors These sculpts bring Frodo, Gandalf, and Golem to life in a new interesting cartoony way Frodo is shown with a sword in hand and the Ring in the other Gandalf features his grey hat, cloak, sword, and[...]
Lord of the Rings Gets a Fell Beast from Iron Studios
Not only doesn't include the Fell Beast from Lord of the Rings but we do get Frodo, Sam, and Gollum underneath escaping its path We do even have two miniature orcs included that are highly detailed and ready for your collection This is a great statue for any Lord of the Rings fans and easily[...]
Gandolf and Frodo Head to The Shire in Weta Workshop Statue
Frodo and Gandalf are two of the most iconic character are coming out of the Lord of the Rings franchise I'm also surprised it's taken this long for myself to cover a Lord of the Rings collectible I feel that since the franchise is over a decade old in The Hobbit has come and gone could the fandom be dying? Doubtful,[...]