Mars Attacks ReAction Figures Now Available Form Super7

Super7 has a neat new addition to the ReAction family of figures now available. Mars Attacks has joined the line, and seeing them now; it feels crazy that it took this long. These are uniquely based on the 1962 trading cards that started it all, and each figure is based on a unique card. Three figures are available to start with, two aliens and a soldier. Each features five pints of articulation and wonderful sculpting work. I love the look of the soldier and his liquified insides. There is even a zapped puppy. You can check out the Mars Attacks figures below.

Mars Attacks ReAction Figures Now Available Form Super7
Super7 Mars Attacks ReAction Figures

Mars Attacks Was Made For ReAction

"Based on the controversial 1962 Mars Attacks trading card series, these Mars Attacks ReAction Figures hearken back to the story considered so shocking it got the cards pulled from the shelves! This wave includes two versions of the Martian with different facial expressions and arm positions, so you can recreate the iconic moments featured in the trading cards! These ReAction Figures are your chance to reclaim a piece of the forbidden fruit that is Mars Attacks!"

I love the cardback art so much. The ReAction figures always feature stunning artwork, but reproducing the actual cards from back in the day was a crazy good idea. These were so controversial back in the '60s; it really is a trip to think about it. It is totally believable that these would have stirred controversy then, but now they are one of the more classic sci-fi items on the collector market. I have never owned any of the cards, but this is the next best thing—better order two of each to keep a set MOC. You can order the new wave of ReAction figures by going here now.

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