Marvel Zombies Walk the Earth with New Hot Toys Cosbaby's

It is time to rave from the superhero grave once again as Hot Toys announces a new wave of Marvel Zombies Cosbaby figures. This is the second wave of Marvel Zombies Cosbaby figures that they have released. This wave adds some extra undead flavor to some already released characters with new variants. There are six Cosbaby's in total, with a metallic Wolverine starting things off first. This is the exact same design as the first wave, but the metallic coloring adds that extra undead coloring to him. Magneto also is getting a special metallic color that really makes his costume shine making that undead smile even deadlier this time around. The last two sets feature double the characters, with Iron Man flying in first with a florescent variant. This quite similar to blacklight colors, and it adds that original comic book colors to really show off that this Marvel Zombies vibe. Things then get a little rusty for Iron Man with this vintage colored Marvel Zombies Cosbaby that switched the zombie Tony face for a skeleton. Lastly get are getting two versions of Captain America one is florescent while the other is blue translucent that really stands out.

Both Translucent Captain America and Rusty Iron Man are my favorite designs from this wave of Marvel Zombies figures. They both bring something unique to the table that any horror or Marvel fan can get behind. The Hot Toys Cosbaby line is its own thing and designs like these are pretty awesome and will make a great collectible for many fans. Prices usually vary but seem to be steady around $25 each but no official price has been given. Pre-orders are not live just yet but collectors can find most Hot Toys collectibles located here.

"Marvel Zombies – Marvel Zombies Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head. The deadly disease in the Marvel Zombies comic series has mutated our Earth's Mightest Heroes into rotting zombies! The zombie super heroes are surprisingly lucid for the undead, retaining many of their memories and aspects of their personality. However, they have been largely corrupted by their hunger, which turning many of them into brain-eating monsters."

"Adding onto the growing Marvel Zombies Cosbaby collection, the zombie version of heroes and villains featured in this wave includes Fluorescent Color of Captain America, and Iron Man; Captain America (Translucent Version), Iron Man (Rusty Version), also Metallic Color Version of Magneto, and Wolverine Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head. Each collectible measures approximately 10.5 – 12 cm tall with bobble-head function. Available only in selected markets. This is the chance to pick up the freaky Marvel Zombies Cosbaby!"

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